Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Customise your Home

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Having a steady rooftop shading is exhausting right? All things considered, conveniently you can switch up your Animal Crossing: New Horizons rooftop shading at whatever point you please once you’ve advanced in a specific way in the game. What’s more, that is without broadening or pay off another home loan as there’s a method to do it that won’t cost you dearly unfailingly, and you can even change it out each day on the off chance that you so wish.

On the whole, you’re going to need to place in a tad bit of the hard unite.

At first, you’ll just have the option to transform you Animal Crossing: New Horizons rooftop shading each time you update your home, however when you’ve arrived at the phase where you have two rooms in your home, you’ll open home customisation when addressing Tom Nook at the Resident Services building.


To find a good pace you’ll have to advance through these home overhaul ventures:

  • Overhaul from tent – take care of moving expenses of 5,000 Miles
  • Construct new home – Mortgage expense of 98,000 Bells
  • Redesign your home (single room size development) – Mortgage expense of 198,000 Bells
  • Redesign your home to incorporate one extra room – Mortgage expense of 368,000 Bells
  • Update your home to incorporate two extra rooms – Mortgage expense of 548,000 Bells

When you’ve manufactured that home with a subsequent room, strolling into the Resident Services building will make Tom Nook enlighten you concerning home customisation. It just costs 5,000 Bells each time, and will permit you to change your rooftop shading and post box style/shading. Investigate:

You can change your rooftop shading at whatever point you need from that point on. Ideally taking care of more home loans and redesigning your home further opens significantly more customisation choices as well.



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