Animal Crossing New Horizons: Feng Shui – How to Decorate your Room

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We’ll watch out for how things create in New Horizons, yet the framework hasn’t changed an immense sum since the last couple of Animal Crossing games, so we’re certain Feng Shui will make an arrival this time around.

Feng Shui Guide – How to Decorate your Room

Your fundamental room is sorted out into tiles. In past games, you began with a 4×4 room, which developed as you took care of cash to Tom Nook’s corporate machine. In the long run, it gets 8/8, yet the fundamental reason is the equivalent.

It’s really basic when you get down to it however, and when your room is bigger, you’ll have more space for furniture that doesn’t affect your Feng Shui.

Feng Shui arrangements

In past Animal Crossing games, your room game plans have been really basic. We anticipate that this should be the equivalent for New Horizons, with certain furniture comparing to specific hues that you’ll have to mastermind effectively. The following is a picture from Nookipedia demonstrating the room designs – we’ll refresh this guide as and when we discover progressively about New Horizons’ points of interest.


What are the Feng Shui bonuses?

You don’t have to arrange your room so it splendidly compares to the Feng Shui diagram, however in the event that you do, you’ll get different rewards.

Putting ‘yellow’ things in the right zones will give you more cash, especially from shaking trees and hitting cash rocks. Look at our guide on the most proficient method to make ringers for more information on cultivating money. As per this gathering post, yellow Feng Shui likewise decreases the expense of things sold by your residents, just as the cost of craftsmanship from Crazy Redd.

‘Red’ things in the correct positions will expand your thing karma, expanding your odds of discovering things around the island. As per Liquefy’s 2015 guide, Red Feng Shui makes you bound to get certified craftsmanship from townspeople, just as expanding the likelihood of getting uncommon things somewhere else.

‘Green’ furniture builds your general karma in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You’ll be bound to get veritable craftsmanship at Redd’s, and bound to be offered uncommon things for procurement.

Keep in mind, this information is precise to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, yet we anticipate that New Horizons should follow on from the past portion pretty precisely.

Furniture colour values

All furniture has a shading esteem, however just Red, Yellow, and Green issue to Feng Shui. When we’ve had it affirmed, you’ll locate a full rundown of all the furniture you have to boost your Feng Shui.

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