Animal Crossing: New Horizons House Upgrade Guide (2020)

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Creature Crossing: New Horizons house updates work essentially on a similar premise as they have in past games. You get a home loan from Tom Nook, which you at that point pay off, to get an expansion on your home, to get another home loan from Tom Nook, to get a greater home, to get… you get the thought. The game fortunately won’t surge you to take care of any of your credits, so you can begin reimbursements at your relaxation.

Redesigning your home has its advantages however: more space for embellishing, more stockpiling openings for keeping hold of valuable things and assets, and the capacity to redo the outside of your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Another beneficial thing is that you’ll get the Animal Crossing: New Horizons house overhauls before the home loan kicks in, so you can appreciate the advantages and afterward take care of your obligations.

Here are the different degrees of Animal Crossing: New Horizons house overhauls, the amount they cost, and the advantages/advantages of each:

Upgrade to house from tent

  • Cost: 5,000 Miles
  • Extra room: 80 spaces

You’ll need to do this when humanly conceivable – and let’s be honest, you’ve just done it haven’t you. This will open extra room, four strong dividers and more ongoing interaction alternatives.

One room size upgrade

  • Cost: 198,000 Bells
  • Extra room: 120 openings

This first Animal Crossing: New Horizons house redesign will get you a greater rendition of your one room dwelling place. More extra room however, and a genuinely light home loan – the first one you’ll take care of in Quite a while – to kick you off. Straightforwardness you in tenderly what not.

Rear room extension

  • Cost: 348,000 Bells
  • Extra room: 240 openings

The main legitimate move up to your home, this development will get you a six-by-six lattice space to the back of your home, adding a way to your unique room.

Doing this however opens the house customisation alternative that you can find by conversing with Tom Nook at the Resident Services counter, and picking > About my home… > Customisation.

Left room extension

  • Cost: 548,000 Bells
  • Extra room: 360 openings
  • Customisation alternatives: Mailbox, Roof Color, choice to move post box

Another room added to your home, this time on the left of your primary focal room. Another six-by-six choice as well. Besides more customisation choices, and capacity openings opened.

Presently you can likewise move your post box around your home outside as well. Simply go ready and press Y to add it to your stock and afterward you can move it any place you need.

Right room extension

  • Cost: 758,000 Bells
  • Extra room: 400 spaces
  • Customisation alternatives: Mailbox, Roof, Door, choice to move post box

Another six-by-six matrix room included, this time on the privilege of your focal space. Once more, more obligation implies more customisation choices and extra room.

Upstairs extension

  • Cost: 1,248,000
  • Extra room: 800 openings
  • Customisation alternatives: Mailbox, Roof, Door, Exterior Walls, choice to move letter box

This one is a major overhaul, one that includes a tremendous ten-by-six matrix second floor space to your home, open by means of a flight of stairs driving up from where you enter your home. You’ll presently have the option to redo the outside dividers of your home as well, otherwise known as the siding.


Basement extension

  • Cost: 2,498,000 Bells
  • Extra room: 1,600 openings
  • Customisation choices: Mailbox, Roof, Door, Exterior Walls, choice to move post box

Last ever overhaul adds an immense storm cellar to your home. It’s another ten-by-six framework room, again available by means of a flight of stairs driving down from the passage to your home.

House complete

After this, all that is left to do is take care of that 2.5million Bell advance. It won’t open whatever else, however it will permit you to change your home’s outside customisation once every day for literally nothing.

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