Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wands Guide- How to Get All of the Wands

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How to Get All of the Wands

Creature Crossing: New Horizons has an enormous library of outfits for players to make and wear. Everything from film , TV-, and anime-enlivened outfits have showed up in the game, enabling players to totally tweak their look. One dress thing that players are clamoring for are the wands. However, gathering every one of these plans and causing them to can be a serious accomplishment.

Crafting Magic Wands

Enchantment wands are one of the most interesting in the Animal Crossing. They permit players to spare outfits and change into them in a moment or two, just by utilizing the wand. Creating enchantment wands can be troublesome, yet getting the plans doesn’t need to be. Players will just need to turn out to be old buddy’s with Blather’s younger sibling, Celeste. This delightful red owl will have the option to assist players with getting stars pieces and kick the enchantment off.

Celeste is tied in with watching meteor showers, and will show up on players’ islands around evening time. On evenings she’s near, players can wish on meteorites when there’s a toll in the sky. In the event that players are with next to nothing, they can wish on a star, and when they wake in the first part of the day, their sea shore will have star sections for them to get. Every wand will require a star section, so make a point to get however many as could be allowed.

All The Magic Wands

There are numerous wand plans in the game, and some of them are attached to specific occasions, similar to the Easter Egg gathering occasion that happened April first through the 30th. Fortunate for players, they can without much of a stretch change the time and date on their Switch to get the occasional wands formula.

Here’s a finished rundown of wands presently in the game, however players can hope for something else to spring up during up and coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons occasions.

  • Cherry-bloom wand is just accessible during the Cherry Blossom season, which is April first to the tenth. Players can snatch this wand arbitrarily from a message in a container, inflatable, or arbitrary residents. The formula calls for three star sections and three cherry bloom petals.
  • Rabbit Day – Zipper gives this wand formula to players on April twelfth after the Bunny Day occasion. Players can make it with 3 star pieces and 1 wobbling zipper toy.
  • Ice – Snowboy gives players this formula. It’s made with one huge snowflake and 3 star pieces.
  • Bamboo – Players can snatch this wand arbitrarily from a message in a container, inflatable, or arbitrary residents during spring. The formula calls for 3 parts and 6 youthful spring bamboo.
  • Mushroom – Players can get this wand haphazardly from a message in a jug, inflatable, or irregular locals during fall. Players need 3 slim mushrooms and 3 star sections.
  • Bug – Players can get this wand during the Bug Off from Flick. They get the wand itself, thus players can make them.
  • Fish – C.J. gives this wand to players during the Fishing Tourney, and it is likewise not a DIY thing.
  • Star – Celeste gives players this formula the first occasion when she meets them. The formula is 3 star pieces and 1 enormous section.

The remainder of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons wands are arbitrarily given to players as blessings from Celeste, so players should converse with her each time she shows up in order to get every one.


Players may need to exchange with companions to gather them all

  • Tulip – 3 star pieces and 1 red tulip
  • Rose – 3 star pieces and 1 red rose
  • Universe – 3 star pieces and 1 white universe
  • Windflower – 3 star pieces and 1 orange windflower
  • Lily – 3 star pieces and 1 white lily
  • Hyacinth – 3 star pieces and 1 pink hyacinth
  • Mums – 3 star pieces and 1 yellow mum
  • Pansy – 3 star pieces and 1 yellow pansy
  • Tree Branch – 3 star pieces and 5 tree limbs
  • Wand – 2 star pieces
  • Brilliant – 3 star pieces and 2 gold chunks
  • Iron – 3 star pieces and 3 iron chunks
  • Shell – 3 star sections and 3 summer shells

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