Apex Legends: Characters Guide (Classes and Abilities)

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There’s an Apex Legends character for each play style: Wraith and Mirage’s stealthy and beguiling attributes will interest the prepared flanker who is out to bargain genuine harm to one key target, where the huge, neighborly tank, Gibraltar, should be set up to place themselves in the terminating line and shield their group from risk. At that point there’s the doctor, Lifeline: this legend will assume the vital job of keeping up the soundness of her squad.

Obviously, since you’re consequently put in a squad of three in Apex Legends, you can’t stand to think exclusively. You’ll have to contemplate how characters supplement one another in the event that you need to be inside even the length of a catch snare among you and magnificent triumph. When you’re prepared, this is what you can anticipate from every one of the Apex Legends saints.

Here are all the Apex Legends characters and their abilities:


Try not to be tricked, in spite of her tough outside and military exactness, Anita Williams has an increasingly honorable aim for entering the Apex Games. Isolated from her family during a military mission, she’s raising the assets to battle her way back.

Bangalore is one of two harm prime examples and is worked to exceed expectations in taking out enormous gatherings of foes.

  • Passive Ability: Double Time

When taking flame from adversaries, Bangalore will move at an expanded pace for a short measure of time. For a game that is as of now quick paced, this capacity gives you an expedient edge.

  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

This capacity enables Bangalore to heave a smoke projectile that detonates on effect at her adversaries. Regardless of whether you’re getting away from a gathering of enemies that have the drop on you, or you’re hoping to reverse the situation, Bangalore’s smoke launcher will prove to be useful.

  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

Helpful in case you’re when there’s no other option or enduring a match’s last minutes, Bangalore’s definitive capacity sends a mounted guns strike over the scene.


The character of Bloodhound is obscure. Bits of gossip extend from the crow-clad seeker being impressively rich to carrying on with the life of a slave in a previous existence.

In any case, Bloodhound is known as the innovative tracker, coming from its seeker playstyle. On the off chance that you cherish the rush of the chase and are quick to take to the Outlands to dispense with your prey, at that point the Bloodhound might be for you.

  • Passive Ability: Tracker

Dog’s aloof capacity enables this seeker to see the impressions deserted by foe players. Use it to get the drop on enemies and land that terrifically significant previously shot.

  • Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

This capacity will be comfortable to anybody acquainted with Overwatch’s Widowmaker: it will uncover concealed adversaries, traps, and pieces of information all through the landscape. It likewise demonstrates convenient for arranging headshots that will leave any saint in an attack of wrath.

  • Ultimate Ability: Beast of Hunt

A decent method to turn everything up to 11, Bloodhound’s definitive gives you a chance to move quicker and feature your prey.


When a researcher named Alexander Nox who worked for the Frontier’s driving pesticide gases producer, he would be changed irreversibly subsequent to choosing to test a more grounded equation on himself. Each to their own. Be that as it may, for that disastrous reason, Caustic is a tank of an Apex Legends character, and he’s is worked around toxic substance and gas assaults.

premium cash with either 12,000 Legend Tokens (earned in-game by leveling) or 750 Apex Coins, which must be procured with genuine cash).

  • Passive Ability: Nox Vision

Acidic’s inactive capacity enables him to see through his gas assaults. We just wish our accomplices could do likewise. An unobtrusive aptitude, however no uncertainty one that will give an edge against the adversaries you intend to disorientate.

  • Tactical Ability: Nox gas trap

This gas-filled canister will possibly explode when shot or activated by foes.

  • Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade

Particularly a bigger scale adaptation of his strategic capacity, Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade sends a huge puff of poisonous smoke over a tremendous region.


Gibraltar likes to ensure individuals as much as he can imagine to bring the agony. He’s known as the wild, yet delicate monster all things considered: his dad lost an arm sparing him and his sweetheart from mudslide after the pair stole his bicycle and went satisfaction riding.

This Apex Legends character is a tank whose awareness of other’s expectations and insurance to make up for his missteps is undeniable.

  • Passive Ability: Gun Shield

When pointing down sights with Gibraltar, this capacity awards you a weapon shield that squares approaching shoot.

  • Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

Helpful for blocking entryways or giving some speedy insurance, Gibraltar’s vault molded shield guarantees the security of your squad for 15 seconds.

  • Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

Much like Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, Gibraltar’s Ultimate Ability enables him to call for air support. Protective Bombardment, notwithstanding, is all the more a focused mortar strike on a checked position.


Ajay Che is a healer with an overwhelming inner voice. When part of a group of affluent war profiteers, Che left once she genuinely understood the degree of her kinfolk’s repulsive business.

Her loadout mirrors that craving to recuperate and fix the harm done by her family: the majority of Che’s rewards from the Apex Games go towards great aims.

  • Passive Ability: Combat Medic

Che’s uninvolved enables her to resuscitate thumped partners quicker, gave a shield divider is there to secure her. Mending things are likewise utilized 25% quicker.

  • Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Your Tactical Ability gathers a robot called the Drone of Compassion, which naturally recuperates close-by partners over a short period.

  • Ultimate Ability: Care Package

Best utilized between battles or towards the finish of a game, Che’s Ultimate Ability will call a drop case pressed with great guarded rigging.


Another individual from the mixed cast of Apex Legends saints, Elliot Witt separates himself by underlining stealth strategies over absolute physical ability. Somebody who likes to out-Witt his rivals, maybe.

Like Caustic, Mirage isn’t opened from the begin and costs either 12000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

  • Passive Ability: Encore!

At whatever point Mirage is struck somewhere near a foe, his latent methods he’ll naturally send a fake while shrouding himself for five seconds. It might demonstrate convenient if Wraith or Bloodhound gets the drop on you.

  • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Stuck in a strained go head to head where nobody is daring enough to make the principal move? At that point Psyche Out may demonstrate helpful for, well, psyching your adversary out as Mirage sends another of his imitation’s running off a picked way to confound the restriction.

  • Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act

What’s superior to one fake? On the off chance that your answer is many, at that point you may get a kick out of Mirage’s Vanishing Act. This extreme sends a group of baits out to divert adversaries and shrouds you.



This zippy chap used to have a place with a group of riches and fortune before going to an actual existence of tricks to subside his fatigue. That choice cost him his legs after he utilized a projectile to finish a speed run, which is an unobtrusive gesture to Titanfall 2 speedrunner Cash Mayo – who utilized a similar strategy to run the gauntlet in 12 seconds.

Octane shares a great deal for all intents and purpose in Wraith in that he is a harm managing character who is worked to flank as opposed to draw in head-on.

  • Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Octane will progressively recuperate his wellbeing after some time, which is convenient for the quantity of scraps he gets into.

  • Tactical Ability: Stim

Subsequent to infusing himself with a stimulant, Octane will move extensively quicker at the expense of a portion of his wellbeing. It is ideal, at that point, that he can slowly recuperate that wellbeing after some time except if somebody is taking shots at him.

  • Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

With the basic hurl of a Launch Pad, Octane can drive himself, and any other person on the guide of that issue, off to extraordinary statures.


Pathfinder is forward in his intuition just as in what he says. Obviously, he booted up over 10 years prior in a relinquished research center and has been vigilant for his maker from that point onward.

Pathfinder is a doctor, however his pack contrasts from Lifeline as in it’s planned to enable you to investigate and navigate territory, instead of to mend.

  • Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

As any fight royale player can bear witness to, the class’ mark contracting ring characterizes your best course of action. Helping this significantly is Pathfinder’s Insider Knowledge detached capacity: it enables you to examine a study reference point to uncover the hover’s next area.

  • Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook

Is the annoying territory getting in you method for getting away from the ring? Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook gives you a chance to zip away and close enormous separations quickly.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

They state you ought to never desert a man. Try not to be narrow minded and utilize your Zipline Gun to make a break course for the remainder of your group.


Peppy architect, Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette is no more peculiar to the Apex Games, having helped manufacture its Modified Containment Ring close by her dad, who was the Games’ lead electrical designer.

Wattson is a cautious character who plays correspondingly to Caustic, in that her attention is on edge barrier.

Her zapping traps are extraordinary for ensuring your group, however they can likewise moderate and debilitate your adversaries, enabling you to destroy in for the execute.

  • Passive Ability: Spark of Genius

Trusting that your definitive will charge is never again a worry when playing as Wattson, as her inactive permits Ultimate Accelerants to completely charge her definitive capacity. When you’ve brought in the Interception Pylon, remaining close it will support your strategic capacity energize.

  • Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security

Wattson’s strategic enables you to toss down interfacing hubs to make energized wall that can harm and moderate foes.

Much like Caustic’s gas traps, the wall are incredible for digging in and repulsing an adversary invasion, or getting some moment assurance in the event that you presume a foe is on your tail. Foes going through the electric field will be impeded, enabling you and your colleagues to get some simple murders.

  • Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

When your definitive is charged, you can bring in the Interception Pylon, a zapped device that crushes approaching weapons and fixes harmed shields as long the way things are.

This is unfathomably helpful for enduring a foe extreme, for example, Gibraltar’s siege. It’s likewise a lifeline in the event that you come up short on shield batteries during a firefight.


We know little of the secretive Wraith separated from the way that she woke in a confinement office years prior with voices in her mind. When she began tuning in to them, she procured powers that enable her to bounce between measurements.

Much like Mirage, this interdimensional skirmisher is a DPS Apex Legends character, however she’s more about stealthy play than going in weapons blasting.

  • Passive Ability: Voices from the Void

On the off chance that a foe group is going to get the drop on you, the agreeable voice in Wraith’s mind will tell you. It very well may be precarious to recognize this and your group’s comms, be that as it may.

  • Tactical Ability: Into the Void

Phantom’s strategic capacity enables you to navigate the void without taking any harm, which means you can viably turn undetectable and not take any harm for a bit.

It’s a helpful apparatus to close the hole on the other group in the event that you’ve plundered a decent shotgun. Or then again, in case you’re in any way similar to me, you’ve wound up in a precarious circumstance and need to hightail it out of there.

  • Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift

As opposed to simply void strolling on your tod, Dimensional Rift enables you to take your group alongside you.

Notwithstanding, first you’ll have to achieve your ideal goal yourself before you set up the fracture for your group. It likewise goes on for 60 seconds.

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