Apex Legends: Season 2 Battle Pass Guide (2019)

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The group behind Apex Legends has quite recently uncovered the primary news about what players can anticipate from Season 2. Fortunately it’s an instance of enhancements all round for what was broadly viewed as a somewhat dreary Season 1.

Further detail will be uncovered on the EA PLAY livestream planned for 10:00 PST on Saturday June eighth. For the time being however, we needed to assemble a snappy guide that layouts all that we think about Season 2.

As new data is uncovered we’ll include it in here, so bookmark the page and return soon for the most recent updates.

Season 2 Overview

Here’s the feature stuff that has been affirmed for Season 2 of Apex Legends up until this point. We’ll broadly expound in the following area.

  • Day by day/Weekly Challenges: Apex Legends is hopping on the entrenched Fortnite design by including every day and week after week challenges.
  • Fight Pass Leveling: The time taken to level as far as possible up to 100 will be diminished significantly.
  • Amazing Skins: Three increasingly Legendary skins are being added to the take a break.
  • Identification/Stat Tracker Rewards: These will be supplanted with what is being depicted as “three completely new substance classifications”. More detail to be affirmed by the hints of things.
  • Making Metal: The group guarantees you’ll get enough Crafting Metal prizes from advancing through the go to make a Legendary thing.

Season 2 Daily/Weekly Challenges

When Season 2 starts, you’ll have the option to step up your Battle Pass quicker by partaking in Weekly and Daily Challenges.

As with Fortnite, on the off chance that you don’t figure out how to finish a Weekly Challenge at whatever week you’ll have the remainder of Season 2 to wrap it up.

Every day Challenges are obvious by their nonappearance in EA’s depiction, so you’ll need to expect they don’t stack. Sounds like you’ll need to sign in consistently in the event that you need to boost your XP gains, yet we’ll affirm when we know more.

Strangely, the group has expressed that they need to maintain a strategic distance from “wacky difficulties” which drastically modify the manner in which the game plays.

Rather, you can expect turns to some degree gentler than Fortnite’s, yet which should even now give some assortment between matches.


Season 2 Legendary Items

As referenced in the review, three extra Legendary things are being added to the Battle Pass for Season 2.

You’ll additionally get a Legendary thing for every 25 levels you accomplish in the excellent pass. They’re granted at Levels 1, 25, 50, 75 and 100.

The Level 100 reward is portrayed as “a developing weapon skin”. There’ll likewise be a unique recolored adaptation of it for any individual who figures out how to hit Level 110 during Season 2.

Season 2: Guaranteed Legendary

Voice Lines are being expelled and will be supplanted with Crafting Metal rewards in Season 2.

You’ll have the option to acquire at any rate 1,200 Crafting Metal by working through the Season 2 Battle Pass, which will enable you to create whatever Legendary thing you most want for your accumulation.

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