Apex Legends Season 3: New World’s Edge Map

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The third period of Apex Legends is the game’s greatest ever. Nearby the new equalization changes, new Legend, and new weapons we may anticipate from a season opening patch, this time around we’re likewise getting another guide.

World’s Edge will be the second since forever Apex Legends guide and it creates the impression that it will be the main guide choice players have, at any rate for the present. The new guide combines fire and ice giving it two unfathomably various situations on either side. In the center there’s a thick wilderness and a thundering train winds its way through every one of the three biomes.

While the new guide may be the enormous draw, another Legend named Crypto is additionally joining the battle. Crypto’s capacities incorporate Surveillance Drone, which sweeps the close by zone for adversaries, Neurolink, which imprints foes found by the automaton, and his definitive capacity: Drone EMP, which harms shields, eases back foes, and impairs traps.

The fix additionally includes the game’s new Charge Rifle, a vitality weapon that discharge a gathered bar at an objectives and does minor harm, however on the off chance that you hold the charge on a foe long enough it will detonate managing unimaginably high harm.


After various suspicious misfortunes during the reproduction of Kings Canyon, the Syndicate has chosen to move the Games to the cliffside mining city known as World’s Edge on close by Talos. Legends can investigate transcending high rises “solidified” by a concoction blast, at that point get a train to ice-secured slopes, while maintaining a strategic distance from dangerous pits of liquid magma in the event that they need to be delegated Champion in this new field.


For the beginning of Season 3 World’s Edge will be the main playable guide crosswise over both standard and positioned matches. As the season advances we’ll be taking a gander at information, assumption, and input to enable us to decide the most ideal approach to bring Kings Canyon again in with the general mish-mash.


Crypto’s Abilities

Uninvolved: NEUROLINK Crypto and his colleagues see what his Surveillance Drone identifies up to a 30m separation.

Strategic: SURVEILLANCE DRONE Deploy an aeronautical camera ramble. 40 second cooldown whenever obliterated.

Extreme: DRONE EMP Charge up an EMP from your automaton. The impact bargains 50 shield harm, eases back players, and obliterates traps.


This vitality rifle/sharpshooter takes one moment to heat up and will do minor harm to players in the event that you keep a dab on them before conveying a compelling hit to whomever is forced to bear it. The Charge Rifle is a piece of the standard plunder pool and can be discovered everywhere.


All Legends

Executioner Perk:Previously, the Gold Armor perk, “Killer”, gave a full shield revive on fruitful consummation of a finisher. In Season 3, all Legends will have this advantage meaning- – finishers will completely energize your shields in any case on the off chance that you have Gold Armor prepared or not. Gold Armor will currently have a Guardian Angel perk that is nitty gritty underneath in the Loot/Meta Changes segment.


Vault Shield

  • Players in the Dome Shield utilize recuperating things 25% quicker.
  • Expanded the toss separation by 60%.
  • Expanded cooldown.
  • 20 seconds – > 30 seconds.
  • Cautious Bombardment
  • Diminished cooldown.
  • 4.5 minutes – > 3 minutes.
  • Diminished span
  • 8 seconds – > 6 seconds.
  • Expanded toss separation by 36%.

Hunting dog

Eye of the Allfather

  • Decreased the liveliness time to initiate by 33%.
  • Presently promptly discloses to you what number of targets have been pinged.

Brute of the Hunt

  • Fixed an issue with FoV scaling wrecking ADS point affectability.
  • Diminished movement time to actuate by 30%.
  • Expanded development speed reward
  • 25% – > 30%



Jump ups

*[*Designer Notes: We think the quantity of bounce up sorts in the game is about as high as we need to go right now when we consider plunder weakening and the probability of finding an ideal jump up. Going ahead, we mean to pivot jump ups each season – some might be expelled from the plunder pool to prepare for new or returning ones. The following are the progressions we’ll be making to jump ups for Season 3.]

  • Evacuated: Disruptor Rounds
  • Evacuated: Skullpiercer Rifling

The base headshot harm multipliers of the DMR and Wingman have been expanded marginally.

Wingman: Was 2.0 base/2.25 with Skullpiercer. Is presently 2.15 base.

DMR: Was 2.0 base/2.5 with Skullpiercer. Is presently 2.15 base.


*[*Designer Notes: For Season 3 weapon changes, our objectives were to empower and improve longer range gunfights and decrease control on a portion of the weapons that have been overwhelming of late. We will obviously be intently watching information and player input on these during the season.]


  • Base mag size decrease
  • Previously: 18/22/26/30
  • After: 18/20/23/27
  • Added some backlash irregularity to designs.

PDW Prowler

  • Included some slight backlash irregularity while keeping up a similar example when terminated in full-auto mode.

Longbow DMR

  • Decreased pace of fire
  • 1.6 – > 1.3
  • Decreased leg harm multiplier
  • 0.9 – > 0.8

G7 Scout

  • Expanded base harm
  • 30 – > 34


  • Expanded base harm
  • 18 – > 22
  • Slight lessening to pace of fire to both fire modes.


  • dded an “irregular” choice for modifying your opened loadscreens.
  • Extended the Ping Wheel with the goal that you would now be able to prepare your opened Intro and Kill jokes.
  • Prepare up to 8 introduction or murder jokes in the entryway
  • Close by foes can hear jokes when initiated
  • Press Y while ping wheel is up to access (controller) or F1 (default console authoritative – you may need to set this physically as it won’t auto-tie).
  • “Commend” quickchat is presently the first alternative in the joke wheel (Previously down on dpad).
  • New Legend fight prattle – Legends currently have voice lines that will get out when your squad is by and large third-celebrated. This is activated in the event that you take harm when as of late harmed by another living squad
  • You would now be able to prepare numerous skydive acts out (on the off chance that you have different accessible on a character) – Hold some time skydiving to open the menu to choose the skydive act out you need to utilize.
  • Every day difficulties should just give you, probably, 1 test for a Legend you don’t claim.
  • No hoodwink character every day challenges (for example you ought to never get 2 Gibraltar dailies around the same time).
  • Fixes for lull/execution drops toward the beginning of a match.
  • Illusion – fakes will presently go where coordinated when conveying them during the drop if Mirage isn’t the Jumpmaster.
  • Life saver – D.O.C. Mending Drone will never again drift away in the wake of being sent on Supply Ships
  • Fixed issue where Legends could appear as bolted rather than chosen when joining a match late.
  • Little upgrades crosswise over UI to make text styles and different components increasingly clear.
  • When swapping weapons with one on the ground, connections will presently endeavor to move to your stowed weapon notwithstanding the weapon you are going to get.


  • Octane – fixed a bug where now and then mantling while at the same time utilizing a strategic prevented players from having the option to play out some other activities until the strategic is done.
  • Wattson – fixed bug where some of the time the visual FX from her wall would not appear subsequent to being conveyed.
  • Pathfinder – Fixed a bug with Insider Knowledge uninvolved where Survey Beacon areas would vanish from the full guide subsequent to actuating them.
  • Fixed bug where players could now and again get extra Battle Pass remunerates by step up two games in succession.
  • Fixed an adventure that enabled players to spam fire with the Peacekeeper.
  • Fixed bug where plundering Lifeline’s Care Packages would not tally towards the “Plunder X measure of Care Packages” in the Battle Pass difficulties.

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