Apex Legends Worlds Edge Map: Where to Drop for the Best Loot

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Learning the Apex Legends Worlds Edge map, and the best places to drop on it, will radically improve your game. Understanding plunder areas and having the option to adjust quick once you see where you and every other person are going toward the beginning will give you a genuine edge on the restriction.

Just as working out where to get the best plunder to outfit with, there are a great deal of ecological contemplations to consider. From cold scenes, magma invaded regions, wild fauna and even a surrendered city which will all influence the fight stream of your game contingent upon when and in the event that you experience them. It’s likewise staggeringly wide and progressively open, implying that it’s far simpler to get trapped by two groups on the double than it was in Kings Canyon.

Fortunately with this guide, we’ll have the option to show you just which parts of Worlds Edge you ought to land at and why.

The Dome

Found at the base of the guide, the Dome is the place you can get high-level plunder. That is, if its all the same to you investigating a scene that is brimming with magma and is a prime spot for adversary groups to bounce down to too. It has structures that are associated with each other with restricted halls, which can be valuable relying upon which Legends you use. Simply don’t fall into the magma, it can harm you and if a foe group is as of now there…Well, they don’t require any longer assistance, isn’t that right?

Lava City

Prop up North from The Dome and you’ll go over Lava City. Magma City is littler than Capitol City, and still has crevices of cooled magma that, fortunately, won’t harm you, yet it has comparable structures that contain high-level plunder. On account of how little the zone is, it’s an area that can get going if in excess of a couple of adversary crews land there, and hence, plunder can be gotten rapidly. On the off chance that you have to land there a minute ago, do so just in case you’re certain you can deal with the chances.

Sorting Factory

In the event that you follow the train tracks West from Lava City you and your group will wind up unearthing the Sorting Factory. The Sorting Factory zone is formed like an oval and furthermore has high-level plunder covered up in flexibly canisters spread around the region outside of structures. It’s an encased space, with most plunder discovered inside structures base floors, or at the top where they can be found in some tight niches and corners. On the off chance that you need some spread at the very beginning of the guide, this area is the one for you.

The Geyser

The Geyser, found simply North-East of the Sorting Factory, is probably the greenest spot in all of Worlds Edge. It’s likewise got practically zero spread outside of the associated structures that runs in a round example all through the area.These structures have a wide range of things that can go from mid-level to high-level. The cavern entrance drives players further North towards Capitol City and the Overlook, ideal for an expedient exit if important. One of the primary selling focuses about The Geyser is, obviously, the immense spring that can be utilized as a Jump Tower. In the event that you intend to go here, you ought to know about the open space, yet additionally of the simple leaves that are arranged in the region.

Fuel Depot

Head North from The Sorting Factory and you’ll be in the Fuel Depot zone. Here is perhaps the best spot to drop during the early game, as while it just offers mid-level things, it’s an enormous territory with a lot of gracefully receptacles and concealing zones. It’s likewise a long way from the tracks of the train, which some adversary groups frequently remain on to check whether they can spot adversaries while moving. While no region of Worlds Edge is appropriately ‘safe’, this zone is more secure than others.

The Tree

As you may have suspected, The Tree region contains an enormous, mushroom-like tree and can be discovered West of Lava City, The Dome and The Sorting Factory. The primary perspective is, obviously, the Tree however beneath it and spread around the region are various flexibly receptacles. There are additionally structures, that are generally associated by tight passages which can likewise contain various high-level things. It’s a mainstream spot to land, yet in the event that you want to deal with the floods of foes, we suggest going there for some extraordinary things to convey you quickly to late game.

Thermal Station

You’re presumably contemplating internally, huh, there’s a ton of magma on this guide as of now. All things considered, it’s possibly going to get more sweltering on the off chance that you head on down to the Thermal Station. Like The Dome, it’s at the base of the guide, however toward the West. Directly at the focal point of this zone lies the Thermal Station, a colossal, roundabout structure with a pinnacle that lone certain characters like Pathfinder can get to. There’s additionally a town close by, just as a little bunch of houses and flexibly canisters. This is a high-level region with a huge amount of things, making it a well known goal to drop off at.

The Trainyard

One of our preferred places in Worlds Edge is The Trainyard, only North from the Thermal Station. Not exclusively does it as a rule have exceptionally high-level plunder, however it’s a wilderness rec center in mask. What we mean is that it’s unfathomably simple to cover up here, which can work in both your kindness and against you, contingent upon which Legend you choose to play at any rate. There are various train trucks that are hanging above, and dropping (or utilizing a zipline) into one of those can ensure both tallness advantage against your foes, just as entirely great plunder. In the event that you can’t deal with that, dropping into one of the stockrooms is additionally a sound thought as it can give you spread while attempting to crisscross around foe groups.

Drill Site

The Drill Site is North East from the Train Yard and is encircled by precipices toward its east. It’s an entirely faultless region, with a lot of ziplines for rapid Legends. Be that as it may, it doesn’t flaunt an extraordinary arrangement high-level things and we propose possibly heading off to the Drill Site on the off chance that you need to begin your game off moderate as opposed to in an exceptional fight with a few other adversary groups.


Only North of the Drill Site is Skyhook. Skyhook is a city in its own right, as there are in excess of a reasonable not many tall structures that are spread out around there. A standout amongst other Skyhook structures has two ziplines running at each side, making it a bad dream to protect on occasion, however an especially well known spot to attack because of this shortcoming. Skyhook’s structures additionally contain a reasonable piece of plunder, with gracefully canisters up on rooftops and simply outside. The things you’ll discover here are quite often uncommon or epic, implying that on the off chance that you land here, be set up for a mind-blowing battle. Rivalry is hot over at Skyhook.

Lava Fissure

Truth is stranger than fiction, more magma! The Lava Fissure is found straightforwardly west of The Drill Site and is best portrayed as a progression of stages that hang over a bubbling pool of magma. These stages do have a determination of gracefully containers, ziplines and little structures, all with really high-level plunder. Be that as it may, there aren’t many concealing spots here and to land here straight away might be a smidgen too hazardous for less experienced or certain groups.


Capitol City

On the off chance that there’s one spot where we’re sure you will be trapped at, it’s Capitol City. With gigantic, tall structures and little, swarmed halls and back streets, Capitol City could be the host of in excess of five distinct crews because of exactly what number of structures there are. The plunder isn’t even all that remunerating either, so we would encourage going to Capitol City just on the off chance that you have no other decision or if the Ring lamentably drives you there.

The Epicenter

The Epicenter is anything but difficult to spot, as it’s canvassed in day off ice. The pinnacle there likewise has some high-level plunder in the center which can be gotten to by specific characters like Pathfinder, or players who drop there. Gracefully canisters additionally encompass the pinnacle, just as further outside of the middle. It’s a famous dropping area, most likely because of the amount of a blemish the Epicenter really is, however with that much high-level plunder, it’s very an area worth heading off to no different.


Disregard is a decently misjudged piece of Worlds Edge, making it an entirely sheltered spot to land contingent upon where the carrier first beginnings. As the name proposes, it overlooks the sea and has both upper and lower stages comprising of both gracefully receptacles and rooms loaded up with high-level things. On the off chance that you investigate outside of those stages, you’ll additionally locate a couple of structures that aren’t excessively far from the Epicenter and Capitol City. By and large, Overlook is probably the best spot to land because of its uncommon plunder, and scope of framework that can give you an extraordinary concealing spot when you’re after all other options have been exhausted.


Only North of the Epicenter is the Refinery, one of the most notable, solid and steady places in the Worlds Edge guide to get uncommon and epic things. On the off chance that you land inside the processing plant itself, you get bumped left and right in a roundabout movement, as though you’re going down a slide, which can be utilized by Pathfinders specifically to keep the adversary group speculating your area. In case you’re going to land here, be wary.

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