Apex Legends Wraith Character Guide: Abilities, Hitbox, Wraith Tips & Tricks

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Since the arrival of Apex Legends, Wraith has been considered by numerous the most grounded all-round character in the game, and it would appear that this will keep on being the situation heading into Season 4. A high aptitude roof with capacities that can be utilized to incredible impact both unpleasantly and protectively, and a hitbox so little it can regularly appear as though she moves between your shots effortlessly. Our Apex Legends Wraith guide will walk you through all that you have to know to fire piling on murders with the Interdimensional Skirmisher herself.

Apex Legends Wraith guide

Apparition, to the extent Apex Legends characters go, is one of the most straightforward to adapt however one of the hardest to ace. Snap on any of the beneath connections to ship yourself (much like Wraith herself) to a specific area. We’ll go over her hitbox contrasted with different characters, at that point every last bit of her capacities thusly with explicit tips on every one.

Wraith guide overview – character strengths and weaknesses

Everything about Wraith is intended to make her hard to nail down and slaughter. While huge bulky Tanks like Gibraltar hope to assimilate and discredit harm, Wraith tries to keep away from it by and large. Apex Legends Wraith Character Guide She is the main Legend with what is basically an “escape inconvenience” button which permits her to maintain a strategic distance from harm completely for a brief timeframe as she repositions herself somewhere else.

Add to this her little hitbox and her Passive capacity, which alarms her when she is being viewed by an adversary, and you have a Legend who is exceptionally talented at being in the ideal spot at the perfect time.

Apparition one of the main characters in Apex Legends where you need to truly burrow profound to discover any kind of shortcoming in her character. Every one of her capacities synergise incredibly well, and she is astounding all alone yet in addition assumes a significant job for the entire group.

The one shortcoming that I’ve had the option to discover is that Wraith players will in general depend vigorously on her Tactical “stage” capacity to escape awful spots, so on the off chance that you get her while that capacity is on cooldown, at that point Wraith players are commonly somewhat more terrified than with different characters since they have lost the wellbeing net whereupon they so regularly depend.

Wraith hitbox vs other Legends

The above is a composite of different hitbox pictures made by YouTuber “SookieSpy”, which uncover the unimaginable errors in character hitboxes in Apex Legends. Season 1 carried with it a few changes to the hitboxes of Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to more readily accommodate their character models, yet the reality remains that Gibraltar is about double the size of Wraith, and subsequently, twice as simple to hit.

These days this is tended to with two Passives which are shared among different characters; Fortified, for Gibraltar and Caustic, which decreases their approaching harm by 15% and awards them resistance from gunfire stoppage; and Low Profile, which influences Wraith, Pathfinder, Lifeline, and Revenant, and builds their approaching harm by 5%.

Wraith abilities guide

Like every single other Legend, Wraith has three capacities: a Passive, which is something that you profit by consequently; a Tactical, which you should actuate among cooldowns; and a Ultimate, which must be utilized once it arrives at 100% charge, which it slowly gathers after some time (however you can accelerate this procedure by devouring Ultimate Accelerants – see our Apex Legends mending things and consumables control for additional subtleties).

As recently referenced, Wraith’s capacities synergise delightfully with each other, on the grounds that they all rotate around a similar objective: repositioning and staying away from harm. Beneath we’ll clarify every one of her capacities, before going into profundity about how and when to utilize every one of them to incredible impact.

Phantom’s latent, Voices from the Void, is hard to see the impacts of in the event that you don’t have a clue what to search for. In any case, when you do, it’s an incredibly helpful capacity. Why? Since most of passings in Apex Legends are brought about by not seeing a danger until it is past the point of no return. Apex Legends Wraith Character Guide Phantom’s Passive methods a female voice will murmur an admonition to you when it sees a close by danger. This could be an adversary focusing on you with an expert rifleman, or a close by Caustic Nox Gas trap.

Whatever the danger, the voice will mention to you what it is, and a “Caution Teammates” brief will show up close to the center right of your screen, which you ought to totally exploit to tell your colleagues about the danger – in light of the fact that they can’t hear that voice, just you.

Passive Ability Tips

  • Ping the Passive utilizing the “Caution Teammates” brief at whatever point it shows up.
  • In case you’re experiencing difficulty getting the Passive sound, turn on Subtitles in the Sound Settings menu.
  • Apparition’s Passive capacity will tell you the sort of peril just as its essence, so make certain to focus on what the voice really says each time.

Apparition’s Tactical capacity is one of the most valuable and down to earth capacities in Apex Legends. Usually alluded to as “Staging”, this capacity sends Wraith into an equal measurement for 3 seconds, permitting her to move at somewhat sped up, and keeping away from all harm. While dynamic, you can run, slide, and climb, yet you can’t shoot. You additionally can’t see different players while it is dynamic; and from other players’ point of view, you will show up as a path of blue lines, which implies you are not undetectable while you are staging.

So you should utilize this Tactical capacity with alert, in light of the fact that just utilizing it isn’t sufficient – you have to utilize it to reposition yourself successfully. Try not to hope to have promptly gotten away from peril, since it isn’t hard to follow the blue lines you desert. Be that as it may, it’s an exceptionall helpful instrument for maintaining a strategic distance from harm for a brief timeframe or getting the drop on an adversary group.


Tactical Ability Tips

  • There is a slight deferral between initiating the capacity and really staging, so make certain to consider with each utilization.
  • Staging will permit you keep away from all harm for 3 seconds, in any event, Ring harm (for more data about the Ring, look at our committed Apex Legends Ring guide).
  • You can stage while utilizing a zipline.
  • You can’t enter an entry while staging.
  • You can stage between putting your first and second gateway during your Ultimate, permitting you to travel much quicker.

In the event that you are under the impacts of a stagger or moderate, (for example, from Caustic’s gas or Bangalore’s Ultimate) at that point the moderate impact will proceed even while staging. Nonetheless, in the event that you stage already, you can stroll through these impacts without it influencing you.

There is an adventure which permits you to reset your capacity cooldown. On the off chance that you bounce on a zipline at the correct time during the capacity, at that point your cooldown will be reset once your present stage closes.

Apparition’s Ultimate capacity, Dimensional Rift, is an amazingly powerful technique both of starting and getting away as a group. At the point when you utilize your Ultimate, you will promptly put a break (all the more generally known as a “gateway”) where you are standing; and afterward you can move to an alternate area inside medium range to put your subsequent entrance. You can pick where to put your subsequent gateway, yet as you move you will go through “Crack Energy” – and once this arrives at 0% you will consequently put the entrance at your present area.

These entrances at that point continue for 60 seconds, and anybody (you, colleagues, and adversaries) can utilize them to rapidly bounce from one to the next. This is extremely valuable for getting the drop on adversaries as well as getting away from a troublesome circumstance as a group, and covering separations rapidly. There is a huge measure of utility with this Ultimate capacity, which is a piece of the motivation behind why Wraith has such a high expertise roof.

Ultimate Ability Tips

  • You move at enormously sped up between putting the first and second entries.
  • Before setting the subsequent entryway, you can run, climb, and slide, yet can’t shoot or collaborate.
  • You can ping an entry to tell partners of its quality.
  • Brought down players can utilize entryways, making this extremely helpful for shipping your brought down partners to relative wellbeing.
  • You can stage between setting your first and second entryway during your Ultimate, permitting you to travel much quicker.
  • You can put an entrance as snare for an adversary to experience, yet ensure you and your colleagues are in a situation to out-DPS them when they develop.

Remember gateway direction. On the off chance that you have to mend and are stressed foes will finish you the entrance, turn around to the opposite side and take cover behind the leave entryway to give yourself additional time. Your foes won’t anticipate this.

In the event that you locate an enormous entryway, for example, the ones in Market, at that point you can obstruct entryway utilizing both your passage and leave gateway, causing it so just you to can go through (while staging).

Setting an Octane Launch Pad underneath Wraith’s gateway will bring about players who exit by means of that entrance really leaving a short good ways from the entry, as opposed to directly on the entryway not surprisingly. I don’t know how this is helpful, yet there you go.

How to play Wraith – top Wraith tips and strategies

At last, how about we wrap up with some progressively broad tips and deceives on winning Apex Legends coordinates as Wraith.

You have more motivation to play forcefully than different Legends. Phantom’s Passive gives her a cautioning of peril, and her Tactical permits her to escape mischief’s direction, permitting her to receive a considerably more bold playstyle than with different characters. Add to this the development increments and her entrances, and you have a capacity to close holes rapidly, making her ideal for forceful plays.

Impart your capacity utilization with your partners. Phantom’s Ultimate capacity is a lot of a group capacity, and you need to discuss your expectations with your crew in the event that you need things to work out. Apex Legends Wraith Character Guide Furthermore, let them realize when your Passive voice addresses you, supposing that you’re in the terminating line your colleagues likely are too.

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