Clash Of Clans Best Attack Strategy for BH6 2019

Hello Guys, today I will direct you about the best assault methodology for BH6. By utilizing this system, you can win a large portion of the assaults. To utilize this methodology, you should have level 12 Beta Minions.

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Army Composition

Armed force sythesis for this technique is basic. You have to prepare beta followers in the majority of your military camps.

Builder Machine

You will require manufacturer Machine level 5 as it will be the basic factor in winning the assault.


Choosing Right Side To Attack

Most importantly, you have to check the spot of Air Bombs.

At that point assault from the contrary side of Air Bombs. Much the same as in the picture beneath.

Convey The Developer Machine

Convey the developer Machine so it will take the greater part of the harm at that point send the majority of your cronies behind the machine. Convey cronies in layers behind the machine. Cronies will take out the vast majority of the structures and developer corridor as well. You will rapidly get 70% of the base. By utilizing this procedure I guarantee you that you will win the majority of the assaults. Expectation you appreciated the guide. In the event that you have any inquiry don’t hesitate to remark. Conflict On!



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