The Best Zero Build and Gear in Borderlands 2

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The Best Zero Build and Gear in Borderlands 2

Undoubtedly, Zero is one of the best time playable characters in Borderlands 2, and there are two essential approaches to fabricate him. All the more explicitly, players can fabricate Zero with an overwhelming spotlight on scuffle, or they can rather offer inclination to killing, and undoubtedly the two choices can be incredibly ground-breaking. All things considered, fans that need their Zero to be as solid as conceivable should outfit him in view of killing, and this guide will detail one of the absolute best Zero killing forms in BL2.

This best Borderlands 2 Zero form is a genuinely standard killing form, and it requires 33 Sniping, 27 Cunning, and 15 Bloodshed. The Best Zero Build and Gear in Borderlands 2 While this Zero form isn’t very rigging subordinate, it accomplishes work best when matched with the Legendary Sniper Class Mod, and here is a full breakdown on where players ought to put their focuses:

Borderlands 2: Best Zero Sniper Build

Sniping (33)

  • HeadShot: 5/5
  • Executioner: 5/5
  • Exactness: 5/5
  • One Shot One Kill: 5/5
  • Bore: 1/1
  • Speed: 5/5
  • Slaughter Confirmed: 1/5
  • At One with the Gun: 5/5
  • Basic Ascension: 1/1

Cunning (27)

  • Quick Hands: 5/5
  • Snare: 5/5
  • Rising Shot: 5/5
  • Demise Mark: 1/1
  • Unforseen: 5/5
  • Innervate: 5/5
  • Demise Blossom: 1/1

Bloodshed (15)

  • Slaughtering Blow: 5/5
  • Dismal: 5/5
  • Followthrough: 5/5

For fans that might want a progressively intensive breakdown of the abilities chose for this BL2 Zero form, that can be found in the accompanying video. The Best Zero Build and Gear in Borderlands 2 This video likewise contains subtleties on a second form where three focuses have been moved into Iron Hand in the Bloodshed tree. The thought here is to join that ability with a Survivor Class and Turtle shield, which would then be able to be abused to give Zero high survivability.

Concerning the apparatus that ought to be utilized with this best BL2 Zero form, there are bunch of choices past the Legendary Sniper Class Mod that was referenced already. Here is a short diagram of the absolute best Borderlands 2 weapons, shields, and relics for this assemble, and again more subtleties can be found in the video included previously.


Borderlands 2: Best Zero Gear

  • Projectiles: O-Negative, Transfusion
  • Shields: Antagonist, Blockade
  • Relics: Bone of the Ancients, Heart of the Ancients, Blood of the Ancients (Depending on Weapon)
  • Weapons: Snider, Droog, Muckamuck, Invader, Hot Mama, Chere-amie, Morningstar, Amigo Sincero, Pimpernel, Lyudmila

One last comment about apparatus for this Borderlands 2 Zero form is that it is prudent to prepare expert marksmen in every one of the four weapon openings so as to not lose Critical Ascension stacks when exchanging firearms. The Best Zero Build and Gear in Borderlands 2 In fact, this will permit players to persistently build their norm and Critical Hit harm, transforming Zero into a genuine power to be dealt with.

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