BitLife: Life Simulator – How To Become A Superstar?

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In the present post, you will figure out how to get into the model vocation. The model vocation begins with a foot model employment. So on the off chance that you need to turn into a supermodel, you should apply for the foot model occupation. As you keep filling in as a foot model in a similar organization, you will get the advancements and inevitably, you will end up being a model. Remember that there are numerous approaches to accomplish this position – In the present post, we are going to share the diary or every one of the things that we did to make our character a model. We should begin – How to turn into a model in BitLife game!

BitLife Model Career Timeline And Guide

Start As Female Character

The absolute first thing we would firmly prescribe you to do is begin as a female character. When you begin another life, you have the choices to change character name, sexual orientation, nation, and the city. Tap the sexual orientation alternative and begin as a female character.

The Next Step Is To Check The Characteristics

When you set the name, sex, change, and so forth., the character will brought into the world with irregular details; satisfaction, wellbeing, smarts, and the looks. All these details should lie between 90-100%. It’s OK if the smarts are low; 80-100% would be sufficient. Be that as it may, the joy, wellbeing, and looks ought to be more than 90.

If not, we would suggest rolling the characters(start once more) until you improve character.

Elementary School, High School

While concentrating in the grade school, secondary school, make a point to partake in every one of the exercises; cooperate with the parents(have a discussion, give compliments, invest energy, and so on.), go to the library, ponder, and so on. In our diary, everything was so basic; do all these essential things, finished the driving test at 16 years old years, contemplate hard consistently, and the character effectively moved on from secondary school. It’s critical to pursue these exercises to keep up the character details.


After High School – Study Further or Get Job

All things considered, it’s not imperative to ponder after secondary school as training capabilities don’t make a difference at all for this profession. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to do, try to do in expressions of the human experience, move like subjects. For our situation, we chose to miss ponder after secondary school and search for an occupation. Just because, at 18 years old, we connected for the Exotic artist work. Around then, the character details were; 100% looks, 98% joy, 100% satisfaction, 83% smarts.

The following year, at 19 years old, the Voiceover entertainer employment showed up. What’s more, we connected for it and got chose in a flash. At 25 years old, we got the on-screen character position.

All things considered, you may consider why we changed from the model vocation to an acting profession? The reason is the foot model occupation accessibility. You may get it prior on the off chance that you are fortunate. Don’t hesitate to apply for it in the event that you have extraordinary looks, joy/wellbeing – over 95(Right after the secondary school).

The details when we connected for the foot model employment:

  • Satisfaction – 100%
  • Wellbeing – 98%
  • Smarts – 87%
  • Looks – 100%

Capabilities when we connected for the foot model occupation:

  • Artist – 1 Year Experience
  • Entertainer – 3 Year Experience
  • Secondary School Graduate


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