Borderlands 3: Where to Get the One Punch Man Legendary Shotgun

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The Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump unbelievable shotgun is a not really unobtrusive reference to One Punch Man, and it can without much of a stretch be perhaps the best weapon in the game. The One Pump Chump in Borderlands 3 will have an advantage that gives it +1,000% or more weapon harm, so while the crude details may not look excessively noteworthy, it bargains a great deal of harm. Here’s a finished guide on the best way to get the Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump, a standout amongst other legendaries in the game.

Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump location

To discover the Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump area, you have to make a beeline for Lectra City on the planet Promethea. From the passageway, embrace the left half of the city, past Big Dock Energym until you arrive at south-east corner, by a New-U station. On the contrary side of the street is a metro entrance; head inside and down the passage.

You’ll run over certain Fanatics, so take them out then bring the following left turn down a hallway. To your left side will be a progression of catches and switches, with a bolted entryway at the opposite end encompassed by five TVs. You will probably turn on each of the five TVs, which will cause One Punch Man to come and pound you.

Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump puzzle solution

From left to right, you have: Button, Handle, Switch, Wheel, Lever. You need to cooperate with them in the accompanying request:

Catch, Wheel, Lever, Handle, Handle

This ought to initiate each of the five TVs and One Punch Man will open the entryway. In the event that you commit an error, simply leave Lectra City and return to reset it.


Borderlands 3 One Punch Man boss fight

As you’d expect, One Punch Man is an intense adversary since he can thump you down in one punch. He doesn’t have a great deal of wellbeing yet will jump towards you, taking swings at you with his one hand. Simply attempt and stay away however on the off chance that he kills you and you respawn outside, he might be a lot nearer to the metro entrance when you return so watch out.

Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump stats

The Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump shotgun is a unimaginable weapon, and keeping in mind that the details will be subject to your level when you take out One Punch Man, there’s a couple of textures over each One Pump Chump.

It will consistently bargain +1,000% harm – mine has +1,425% yet I’ve seen another with a higher base harm detail yet just about +1,200% harm.

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