Borderlands 3: The Spendopticon Challenges Guide

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Here are the entirety of the Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot challenge areas in The Spendopticon. Look at the finished territory map beneath, just as individual pictures for each challenge area.

There are a few difficulties in the majority of Borderlands 3’s maps. These difficulties reward extraordinary experience and some of the time even improve your vehicles. Getting them is constantly beneficial, however some of them can be a genuine agony to discover. What’s more, that is the reason we discovered them for you.

The Spendopticon Challenge Map Locations

Search for the symbols on the guide above to discover the difficulties in The Spendopticon. There is just one level on this guide, however the areas are spread out.

You won’t have the option to finish the entirety of the difficulties your first time through. In the event that you haven’t been to Trashlantis, met Mayor, and opened the Mayor’s Killer Look difficulties, play a greater amount of the principle story missions before you go chasing.

Mayors Killer Look 1

At the point when you initially open the Mayor’s Killer Look difficulties, you’ll get a spring up on your screen clarifying what they are. Toward the side of the Market District, you’ll locate the Evil Saint Lawrence. Execute him.

Mayors Killer Look 2

The second Mayor’s Killer Look target is Junpai Goat Eater in the Vice District. Search for the joy showers and murder the chief.

Pieces Of Resistance 1

Your first Pieces of Resistance shelling is only south of Casa De Timothy. The statue is perched on the Casino marquee. Bounce up the fence in the region, and utilize its tallness to hop over to the statue. Spot the bomb and leave.

Pieces Of Resistance 2

In the Market District, there’s an inclined rooftop in the northwest corner with a Pieces of Resistance statue on it. Bounce on the walkways close by and mantle onto the inclined rooftop. Stroll up the slope to discover a statue for you to bomb.


Torgues Marketing Mistake 1

The first of Torgue’s Marketing Mistakes arrives in a little room north of Casa De Timothy. You’re searching for a container of hot sauce sitting on a hanging light. At the point when you see it, shoot it.

Torgues Marketing Mistake 2

The second of Torgue’s Marketing Mistakes is in the Market District’s club. On the off chance that you can’t get past the entryway, keep playing story missions to open it.

Inside, move up the Borderlands’ animal show. Hop onto on of the rooftop supports and look on your right side. The hot sauce restrain is inclining toward the help.

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