Borderlands 3 Starter Guide: Spoiler-Free Tips & Tricks

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There’s a ton to do in Borderlands 3, and as in the past games, you have a lot of activity stuffed missions to finish and many, numerous weapons to get your hands on. Also, even with the normal granulate, there’s as yet a few ideas, mechanics, and frameworks that may pass you by. As you progress, it’s not entirely obvious the little things, and as a rule, that is probably going to be what chomps you in the butt!

We’ve ordered a rundown of tips that should help direct both arrangement newcomers and returning players who may neglect a portion of the game’s progressively inhumane mechanics and highlights. Beneath you can discover a rundown of the most helpful counsel and tips we bring to the table in the wake of burning through many hours playing. Allude to the chapter by chapter guide underneath to bounce to where you need. Past the majority of that, one thing to be over is Shift Codes- – there are some live at the present time, netting you Golden Keys that can be traded for important plunder. Since these can be accessible temporarily just, you’ll need to reclaim them as fast as conceivable to guarantee you don’t pass up a major opportunity.

In our Borderlands 3 audit, creator Jordan Ramee gave the game a 8/10 and stated, “Borderlands 3 has a couple hindrances with regards to supervisors, yet these battles are dominated by the game’s compensating gunplay and over-the-top funniness. The game’s character-driven story goes about as a delightful finale for the plunder shooter establishment, and the new mechanics and highlights – particularly the revised ability trees and weapon producer impacts – give you a lot of office by they way you need to play through it. In the event that you’ve never been a devotee of the establishment, it’s impossible Borderlands 3 does what’s necessary things diversely to alter your perspective, as the game best exceeds expectations at proceeding with what the arrangement has constantly done: convey a diverting fanciful story of mavericks plundering and shooting their approach to chivalry.”

Subsequent to clearing the game’s basic missions, you’ll be allowed to investigate Pandora and take on different missions. From where Lillith is set up, keep running ahead to where Claptrap and a messed up weapon candy machine are. Associate with the wrecked machine to start a Marcus side mission called Powerful Connections where you help him fix it. After finishing the assignment, you’ll open up his firearm candy machine and access better plunder.

As you get your hands on more weapons, you’ll begin to see different natural properties joined to them: Shock, Corrosive, Radiation, Incendiary, and Cryo. Each is viable in their ways and can even enable you to all the more likely take out explicit foe types. Underneath you can locate a fast breakdown of the distinctive essential properties:

  • Stun: Slowly depletes adversary wellbeing. It’s staggeringly powerful against foes with shields- – especially Maliwan Troopers.
  • Destructive: Quickly shaves away defensively covered foes and perpetrates extra harm after some time.
  • Radiation (Replaces Slag): Inflicts an atmosphere of harm around the foe that detonates upon death. It’s helpful against gatherings of adversaries.
  • Ignitable: Inflicts harm after some time. It’s fantastically compelling against adversaries without shields- – especially criminals and creatures.

Make it a need to get your hands on Shock weapons at an opportune time. While they aren’t very useful against the crooks in Pandora, they’re going to make your life simpler once you reach Promethea in the following section where there are a huge amount of protected adversaries.

From the outset, it’s not so much clear how to update your vehicle, yet the best approach to do so includes discovering all the extraordinary autos left around the different planets and driving them to your neighborhood Catch-A-Ride. They’re set apart in blue on the guide and are commonly monitored by ground-breaking foes, so make certain to come arranged. Set aside the effort to snatch these vehicles, as their parts are entirely cool, for example, the Laser Wings which broaden strict laser wings from your vehicle that harm adversaries at whatever point you support.

As you progress the story and complete new difficulties, you’ll win new firearms. In any case, these aren’t given to you and rather are sent to the inbox tab in the social menu. Make it a propensity to check your inbox for any recently procured weapons; no one can really tell what new plunder you might’ve gotten. Yet, in case you’re discontent with the plunder you’ve earned, you’re allowed to send them to your companions.

We feel compelled to pressure this as much as possible: never handle a story mission underleveled- – regardless of whether you’re just under one level. In spite of the fact that it’s conceivable to do from the get-go, you’ll rapidly think twice about it with any mission you do after the principal part. Borderlands 3 has maybe the most testing level check of any game in the arrangement to date, so on the off chance that you don’t meet the base necessity, you’re probably going to battle, particularly against supervisors. What’s more, in case you’re alone? Try not to much trouble. It’s ideal to level doing opposite side missions first!

Moxxi’s Tip Jar returns, which means you can get some incredible plunder – similarly insofar as you’re a liberal soul, obviously. Go to Moxxi’s bar in Sanctuary and add cash to the tip container on the counter; you can tip either $100 or $1,000 at once. At around $10,000 in commitments, you get a weapon knickknack. You gain another weapon at $15,000; however the more cash you pour in by then, the better the firearm Moxxi will blessing you.


While you may be slanted to stay where the story needs you to be, you should give visiting different planets a shot event. Not exclusively are new side journeys added to every planet after finishing explicit battle missions, yet every planet offers a higher likelihood of finding certain weapons. On the off chance that the Maliwan firearm you like utilizing in your weapons store is starting to fall behind in power, return to Promethea and locate another one. Likewise, the game doesn’t illuminate you when new missions on different planets have been added so you’ll have to make sure to return to places from time to time.

You’re going to get a huge amount of plunder in Borderlands 3, and inevitably, you’ll have to sell or dispose of all the stuff you don’t need. However, when you open the stock screen, your eyes will probably drain since you don’t recollect what’s great and what’s terrible any longer. To dodge said overstated eye torment, utilize the label highlight in the stock menu to name what merits keeping and what you can hurl in the receptacle. Whatever you label will remain featured even at a seller’s auction screen for simple stacking.

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