BTS World Guide: Cheats, Tips and Strategies 2019

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BTS World is a fresh out of the plastic new versatile RPG that gives you a chance to get pleasant and cozy with your preferred K-Pop band. You’ll actually make the band from nothing as a learner supervisor, exploring youthful gifted artists and urging them to join your new band.

En route, you’ll gather cards of every part, total missions for remunerations, and collaborate with every one of the individuals in a wide range of ways. Each move you make in BTS World will carry you closer to the band, which, thus, encourages them to improve as a band in general.

In this current fledgling’s aide, we’re going to give you a lot of tips and traps to enable you to begin with BTS World. It’s not intended for specialists but rather in the event that you’ve quite recently begun, the tips should help give you a couple of pointers.

BTS World Tips and Tricks:

Aim for three stars in every level

Three stars is the most extreme score you can get for each level, and on the off chance that you accomplish it you’ll get more extra rewards. The best part is you’ll gain new styling choices for each band part, so you can give them the definite picture you need.

Save your upgrade items for when you need them

If you’re attempting to get three stars, you may need to update your cards. We prescribe sparing your overhaul things for when you truly need them. Endeavor a mission first, and on the off chance that you bomb overhaul the cards that have the most elevated appraisals for the insights you need. Keep leveling them up until they’re adequate to get three stars in a level.

Replay previous levels for more upgrades

If you need redesign things, simply return to past levels and complete them a lot of times to get some free open things. You can even simply replay the mission you’re attempting to get three stars in until you nail it.


Interact with each band member whenever possible

As you advance, the band individuals will call, message, and connect with you via web-based networking media. We prescribe interfacing them at whatever point conceivable, as this will build your fondness with every one of the band individuals. Never skirt a chance.

Rewind interactions to improve your affinity

Each time you get a decision of what to state to a band part, you’ll increment your fondness with them relying upon how you respond. You’ll realize how much fondness you’ve expanded by the heart response you get. On the off chance that this has shines around the heart when it shows up on the screen, you have the most extreme reward. If not, put in certain diamonds to rewind the association and attempt again to ideally get the most extreme proclivity help.



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