Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide [Latest Update] 2019

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On account of the ongoing COD Blackout beta we’ve had the option to get some genuine hands-on time with the substantial guide of the game. There are 13 zones altogether, every last one of which pays tribute to a guide from COD rounds of years passed by.

In our COD: Blackout guide we’ve delineated those areas for you, and furthermore given some early knowledge into what’s in store when you meander into every one. At the base of the guide you’ll locate a general diagram of what’s in store from Blackout’s playable territory.

We’ll be refreshing this article ceaselessly once the game really dispatches, and will have a lot of tips to enable you to get the high ground.

COD: Blackout Map Locations

Above all else, here’s the primary take a gander at the guide that was given on Treyarch’s internet based life just before the beta propelled. After that you’ll discover a breakdown of the areas, with better detail to be included once the game has gone live.

For the time being we’ve included a concise depiction dependent on how each zone has truly played in their previous manifestations as Call of Duty zones. We’ve yet to see exactly how dependable these regions stay to their unique structures, so don’t peruse a lot into them for the present!


Massive satellite dishes isolated by a couple of structures make up Array. Most of the territory here is level in spite of the fact that there are some raised positions in the encompassing zone, just as a marksman tower.

  • We’d prescribe running into the structures for your plunder as a portion of the dishes are exceptionally uncovered and leave you powerless against assault. Particularly on the off chance that you can’t return shoot since you haven’t found a firearm!


This is a claustrophobic inside zone, with bunches of paths to sneak around in and concealing spots to release hellfire from. Pack a shotgun and be prepared for a lot of lacking elbow room battle is our recommendation.

Asylum Tips

  • This is one of the principle zombie areas on the Blackout map. Keep your eyes stripped for a blue light exuding from the territory, as this is the key sign that the undead are in the air.
  • Keep your ears sharp when watching the labyrinth to the back of the property, as you’re not going to get much notice before you end up in a firefight. Keep appropriate short proximity weaponry prepared as you search through the territory.
  • As a zombie hotbed, this is one of those zones that you’re destined to open a Mystery Box. Investigate our Mystery Box manage for more data on the most proficient method to find and generate these plunder stuff things.

Cargo Docks

Expect bunches of holders here, which should enable you to discover spread and continue moving as you hoover up your plunder.

Straight shot it into the various freight holders and petition God for good plunder. You can likewise utilize plunge all through them for spread as well.

Be cautious when boarding the ship as you’ll be intensely uncovered! In case you’re pressing protective layer it might merit a punt as there’s a great deal of plunder to be had.

Construction Site

As the name proposes this is a semi-completed development zone loaded up with half-assembled structures and bunches of spread chances.

Building Site tips

  • Head south from the Construction Site itself and you’ll discover a gathering of houses that frequently contain a fair measure of covering and consumable things.
  • Gossip has it that there’s additionally a high possibility of finding an expert sharpshooter rifle in this area, which gives you a pleasant opportunity to attempt to pick off any individual who’s making a trip to or from a portion of the well known close-by spots.


If this one plays as indicated by its namesake then you can anticipate that this should give a definitive vantage call attention to investigating the encompassing territories of the guide. Expect a great deal of rivalry with regards to involving this zone.

  • On the off chance that you’ve detected a player plundering up the fundamental bequest itself, we’d prescribe lurking around the outside and sitting tight for them to develop.
  • You don’t really need to arrive in the inside, there are a lot of little plunder spots in the carport, ball court, etc. Snatch what you can, and in case you’re feeling daring, begin pushing your way into the middle and check whether can chase down the challenge.
  • Short proximity weapons exceed expectations inside the Estate’s tight halls and rooms, however ensure you’re pressing a mid-run weapon for conflicts outside.


Assuming this zone alludes to the Call of Duty 2 guide of a similar name, you can expect a littler playable zone here.

  • There’s a helicopter on the helipad outside, so utilize this to rapidly reposition in the event that you’ve plundered up or need a snappy escape.
  • Utilize every one of the cartons, funnels and other arranged mechanical looking bits and bounces. These give incredible spread in a firefight.
  • On the off chance that you’ve plundered up, utilize the verticality around there. There are a ton of vantage focuses to exploit!

Firing Range

This is likely another region where you’ll need to carry near medium-extend weaponry like SMGs, Assault Rifles and shotguns.

  • Get in a structure, plunder up quick and prepare for a lacking elbow room firearm battle. This spot is a hive of movement.
  • Be careful about players outdoors inside structures and around corners.
  • We’d prescribe either remaining moving and attempting to clear the territory of foes to apparatus up quick, or rescuing of the zone in case you’re content with your plunder pull – it’s a dangerous spot to be.

Fracking Tower

Given its vicinity to the focal point of the guide it should not shock discover this can be a bustling spot. Try not to come here in case you’re anticipating that a restful begin should the game, at the end of the day.


Fracking Tower Tips

  • Search the majority of the payload holders and structures here altogether, as there’s a liberal choice of plunder to be revealed for the dilligent forager.
  • There’s a pinnacle here which you can use to pick off anybody drawing closer with an expert marksman rifle. Simply know that you yourself are to some degree uncovered while up in this area!

Hydro Dam

We’re eager to see whether the water technician will show up here, compromising the survival of any Blackout players made up for lost time in the occasional floods.

Hydro Dam Tips

  • In the event that you travel west from the dam itself you’ll inevitably go to some dull, blocky places of business. These can be full to the overflow with a wide range of hardware however, so scour them altogether.
  • Pick either the dam or these structures as your beginning stage – odds are there won’t be much left to scrap over once you’re finished with one of them.


Head to the most distant south of the guide and you’ll find a Lighthouse. The fundamental trouble with arriving here is the sheer separation you at that point need to make a trip to return to the activity – and conceivably out of the circle.

Lighthouse Tips

Despite the fact that you’re some route away from the activity via arriving here, you do find the opportunity to – ideally – gear up without confronting a lot of consideration.

To enable you to return to the principle game in the wake of getting outfitted, there’s frequently a vehicle generate to exploit. Head as far as possible of the walkway to discover it.

Nuketown Island

This depends on one of the most notorious maps from the Call of Duty ordinance: Nuketown. Expect a great deal of furious movement in this area in the event that you intend to arrive here.

Nuketown Tips

  • Close to the passageway is a sign which shows what number of players are in the zone. Watch out for this so you don’t meander into an especially feisty experience ill-equipped.
  • There is a tremendous amount of weapons and reinforcement to be plundered from this area, so be set up to go head to head against a great deal of different players on the off chance that you rigging up in Nuketown.
  • There’s an underground shelter here which you can use to set up a snare. Simply be cautious on the off chance that somebody’s had a similar thought and arrived first…
  • Be careful about the encompassing zones once you have equipped in Nuketown, as there are a lot of prime killing focuses that players may adventure to discover players leaving this exceptionally bustling region.


A town loaded up with structures, a corner store, distribution centers and that’s just the beginning.

  • Truly, Rivertown’s an incredible spot to commence your Blackout keep running as it’s loaded up with structures to plunder.
  • Simply ensure you’re arriving here rapidly as you’ll need to snatch land before any others do.
  • Be cautious when intersection the extension, you’ll be vigorously uncovered.

Train Station

This is one more crusade mission that we’ll have to get our hands on for ourselves before giving more data.

  • The train trucks are stuffed brimming with plunder and they’re an incredible method for concealing yourself away if a player’s onto your area.
  • Be cautious when investigating the distribution centers, there’s next to no cover.


This area has its starting points in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Expect a major open region encompassed by structures that offer premium killing chances.

  • On the off chance that you’re meaning to plunder the enormous distribution centers, at that point do your most extreme to arrive as near the doorways as would be prudent.
  • Most spread exists in the distribution centers, so expect a convergence of players in case you’re as of now inside. Plunder quick and set yourself up for a battle.
  • On the off chance that you’ve arrived late to the gathering, be careful about heading inside the distribution centers as there will as of now be outfitted players holding on to bring you down. Rather, center around getting things in the encompassing region and trust in a fortunate pick.

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