Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations: All the Remastered Campaign Collectibles

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There’s 45 Modern Warfare 2 intel areas to be found during the single player battle and gratitude to the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remaster, players are hopping once again into the conflict on PS4, with Xbox One and PC propelling toward the finish of April. There’s two trophies identified with the Modern Warfare 2 intel – Leave No Stone Unturned and Drive By (gather 22 and 45 bits of intel separately) so in case you’re playing through the game just because, read on for our total Modern Warfare 2 intel areas control.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered intel guide

To make the most out of this manual for the entirety of the Modern Warfare 2 intel areas, utilize the route bar on the left-hand side of the page. The guide will be separated by strategic, explicit directions for each bit of intel. Intel pieces 1-24 are on this page, at that point bounce to Modern Warfare 2 intel page two for intel 25-45.

S.S.D.D. 1/1: Modern Warfare 2 intel 1/45

In the absolute first instructional exercise crucial, can discover one solitary bit of intel. When you’ve given the firearm preparing and tossed a projectile at the objectives, before you go down the stairs to The Pit, pivot. Inside the tent in the contrary corner is the main bit of intel on a table.

Team Player 1/2: Modern Warfare 2 intel 2/45

Presently you’re into the best possible missions, the second intel can be found inside the school on the crucial Player. Play through the crucial your vehicle gets hit by a RPG, at that point you’ll go over a school. Clear the ground floor, head up the stairs, at that point clear the adversaries all shooting out of the windows. As you turn the corner, Sgt. Foley will say he saw one head into the study hall. The following bit of intel will be on a white table with a green seat on the right-hand side.

Team Player 2/2: Modern Warfare 2 intel 3/45

The third bit of intel is only a couple of steps away. Murder any residual adversaries, leave the school, and you’ll see the PC on a darker carton by an ammunition box.

Cliffhanger 1/3: Modern Warfare 2 intel 4/45

Play through the strategic you shoot the second pair of foes in stealth and you split up with Captain MacTavish. Dead ahead, you’ll have the option to see a watchman tower through the snowstorm. Murder any foes in the quick zone at that point ascend the stepping stool to locate the primary bit of intel on the catwalk.

Cliffhanger 2/3: Modern Warfare 2 intel 5/45

After you place the C4 and MacTavish advises you to race him to the overhang, you can snatch the following bit of intel. You’re intended to meet him behind the main shelter to your left side along the airstrip, however as opposed to going there, prop up past the second shed at that point take a prompt left turn and go to the rear of that storage. Inside will be two specialists dealing with a vehicle. Shoot them both – don’t stress, executing one won’t alert the other – at that point crush the glass window with your scuffle assault to get the intel sat on a barrel.

Cliffhanger 3/3: Modern Warfare 2 intel 6/45

This one is somewhat of an agony. Play until the segment where yourself and MacTavish are on snowmobiles with adversaries gunning for you from each bearing. At the point when you’re given the on-screen brief “press L2 to shoot” and MacTavish says “Don’t back off! Continue moving or you’re dead!”, you ought to have the option to see a flimsy wooden fence before you.

Make a prompt left turn at this fence and before you will be a bunch of trees, with ways either to one side or the right. Gradually crash into these trees – the target marker ought to be roughly 1810m away now – and bear somewhat to one side. You ought to have the option to see the intel on the ground by the base of a tree, as appeared in the picture above. You don’t have to hold down any catch to get it, simply roll over it.

Takedown 1/4: Modern Warfare 2 intel 7/45

Play through the initial grouping until you arrive at where you bounce into the favela with Meat and Royce. Battle through the favela along the left-hand side until you arrive at a clearing with a Brazil banner dangling from one of the cottages. Enter the cabin to one side of this, with some football spray painting on the divider by it, and the main bit of intel is on a table in the room at the back.


Takedown 2/4: Modern Warfare 2 intel 8/45

After you pass the fence with the raging canine behind, clear the adversaries and climb the stairs, at that point take a left. Battle through the foes until the way drives you to take a U-turn. There ought to be another Brazil banner dangling from an overhang on your left-hand side, while before you there ought to be a stepping stool. Ascend the stepping stool and the intel is on a table through the open entryway before you, gave you’ve murdered the adversary inside.

Takedown 3/4: Modern Warfare 2 intel 9/45

Following snatching the second intel, head south-west (towards the target) and there ought to be a block expanding to your left side. Go up the stairs to the entryway with the football spray painting to the side and the third intel is in the lounge area on a little end table.

Takedown 4/4: Modern Warfare 2 intel 10/45

Continue battling through the favela until you arrive at an area with a consuming vehicle blocking the vast majority of the way. Go past and enter the prompt entryway to your left side. Stroll down the stairs and the last bit of intel for this crucial be on a foot stool by the bed.

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