Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – The Best Gun {Updated}

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Best Guns

Before we separate the best weapons of each kind, we’ve assembled a speedy rundown of the absolute best firearms in the game for those of you who simply need to get included right away. We have more data on every weapon beneath, yet here’s our underlying breakdown of the current meta.

1: M4A1 (Assault Rifle)

Utilize the M4A1 before it gets nerfed, on the grounds that every other person is. Beyond question the best weapon in the game, the M4A1 is hugely exact with a quick discharge rate, giving you a massively lenient fateful opening to slaughter the foe. You can even miss a couple of shots and still get the murder on an enemy, such is the unbelievable quality of the M4A1.

2: AX-50 (Sniper Rifle)

The quintessential expert sharpshooter for Modern Warfare, the AX-50 will work well for you on maps with longer sight lines like Piccadilly or Euphrates Bridge. One-shot executing foes at enormous extents, it merits recollecting two or three things when utilizing it. Initially, you’re incredibly obvious to foes when pointing down your degree. You’ll illuminate like a christmas tree, so ensure you’re not simply hanging out in the open searching for shots to hit. Just as this current, recollect that shots aren’t hitscan like they have been in past COD games. This issues most for since a long time ago ran experiences with expert marksmen, so make sure to point somewhat higher than expected so as to represent projectile drop.

3: Kilo 141 (Assault Rifle)

It’s fundamentally a somewhat less incredible rendition of the M4A1. The Kilo 141 offers a minor piece additional harm in return for a small piece less precision and fire rate, and by and large it’s simply not exactly as solid. All things considered, you’ll see a mess of accomplishment, and it merits finding a workable pace the firearm before the M4’s unavoidable nerf.

4: Ram-7 (Assault Rifle)

The Ram-7 arrangements more harm than the M4A1 on the off chance that you become acclimated to utilizing it. Opened at level 31 of the Battle Pass for nothing, the Ram-7 merits becoming accustomed to gratitude to its temperament as something of a half and half between Assault Rifle and SMG. You should get an all-encompassing magazine connection because of how rapidly this thing fires. Time to kill is totally nuts at numerous reaches, so on the off chance that you can become acclimated to the huge sideways backlash you should pick the Ram-7 up and check out it.

5: 725 (Shotgun)

The range on this ‘shotgun’ is silly for a Call of Duty game. It’s suggestive of the pre-nerf Model 1887 weapons from Modern Warfare 2 in that its one-shot murder separation is far bigger than you’d anticipate. It’s a twofold barrelled firearm as well, so you can two-shot individuals on the off chance that they’re marginally further away as well. Give it a go in case you’re not the greatest shotgun fan. Shoot those shots, regardless of whether you figure they won’t hit, since they likely will.

6: MP7 (Submachine Gun)

The MP7 is our most loved SMG the game brings to the table, carrying with it an amazing measure of dependability just as harm up until an OK run. It requires a significant stretch of time to open the MP7 however it’s well worth giving it a touch of time once you do at level 54. You’ll demolish ambush rifle clients no sweat around other people as well, which means the tremendous number of M4A1 clients will battle to lay a finger on you on the off chance that you cycle a corner at them. Accessible advantages can truly assist this with gunning’s presentation as well, including the Disabling frangibles, which moderate foe development and permit you to polish off escaping adversaries.

7: PKM (Light Machine Gun)

For longer range experiences, give the PKM a shot. It has a shockingly quick time to kill and as long as you can look past its absence of portability and moderate point down-sights speed, the PKM is one of the most flexible firearms in the game, ready to fight with expert riflemen and ambush rifles the same.

8: MP5 (Submachine Gun)

A somewhat increasingly short proximity arranged interpretation of the MP7, the MP5 hits incredibly hard on the off chance that you can get your shots on target. Harm drops off marginally at extend, however with the MP5 close by you’ll never battle nearby other people (aside from against a shotgun, clearly).

9: AUG (Submachine Gun)

The AUG is one of the more underestimated firearms right now. It shoots truly damn quick and arrangements strong harm at all reaches, and has an altogether different feel contrasted with the different SMGs on offer. On the off chance that you’ve attempted the MP5 and MP7 without progress, it’s well worth giving a go – you may wind up pulverizing your rivals effortlessly.


10: M13 (Assault Rifle)

The M13 has shockingly strong exactness for a weapon of its group. It hits hard as well, yet sadly doesn’t satisfy the sheer adaptability of its adversary ambush rifles. It’ll fire seeing an up-flood in play again individuals give it a shot however. Get it kitted up with the connections that suit your playstyle – we discover any semblance of the Scout Combat Optic consolidate astoundingly with the Tac Laser so as to keep exactness high at extend.

Keep in mind – give all the firearms a go! Some of them will feel such a great amount of preferable in your grasp over it accomplishes for other people, so in the event that you get a weapon we’ve recorded as low level and are completely executing it, let us know! Perhaps you’re crushing it and we’re feeling the loss of a stunt.

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