Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Rank Up your Battle Pass

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The Battle Pass is at last here, and there’s a wide range of approaches to kick your opens off. Here’s our summary of Season 2’s Battle Pass.

How to rank up your Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There are 100 levels to open from February eleventh 2020, so you’ll need to gain some ground in the event that you need to get your hands on the expensive things. We have more information on this on our Season 1 guide page, however here’s all the approaches to rank up.

Premium Battle Pass

For 1000 COD Points, you can buy the Battle Pass’ full open potential. Be that as it may, for 2400, you’ll be plonked legitimately to rank 20. This’ll open each award until that level including the Holger-26, the first of the two new firearms. This Light Machine Gun merits an attempt, and in case you’re alright with spending the £16.79 (around US$24), you should.

Standard XP Gain

Fortunately, you can rank up your Battle Pass without paying this additional premium as well. By playing matches as ordinary and step up your Officer Rank, you can pick up XP for your Battle Pass as well.

Missions and Challenges

Effectively finishing every day difficulties and missions gives you a powerful lift to your Battle Pass positioning, particularly since they’ve been made somewhat simpler to finish and the detail following has been fixed. Ensure you’ve gone to the Barracks menu and chose a crucial to whatever you’re hoping to do in game. Try not to have a Ground War crucial when you’re playing Gunfight!



You can increase extra XP by performing admirably in Trials. We have more data in our Trials manage, yet on the off chance that you have additional tickets and sure about a 2 or 3 star execution, you can knock up your Battle Pass positioning decent and rapidly.

We have more advisers for assist you with excursion with positioning up in Modern Warfare – look at our Best Guns page for help on loadouts, and our Modern Warfare Battle Royale page for all that we think about a potential future for Modern Warfare.

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