Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Maps

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The Modern Warfare Season 3 maps are fortunately going to be free, which is an extraordinary player-accommodating convention this game has brought to the Call of Duty arrangement. Be that as it may, what are the Modern Warfare Season 3 maps? What’s more, when do they come out?

Modern Warfare Season 3 Maps

There are five absolute maps coming to Modern Warfare’s third season, which begins on April 8 at 11 AM PT (check here for you zone). One of them is a Gunfight map while the others are customary maps for the other serious modes. In any case, the Gunfight map (Aisle 9) and one of the ordinary maps (Hardhat) won’t come until some other time in the season at some obscure time. Just three will be there for the dispatch week.

Talsik Backlot

Talsik Backlot is one of the maps that will be there during dispatch week. It’s a remastered map from the first 2007 Modern Warfare and will highlight a “blend of lacking elbow room battle and long-extend expert sharpshooter duels.” However, the guide was essentially called Backlot in that game.

Hovec Sawmill

Hovec Sawmill is the second guide for dispatch week and will have three paths, which is useful for those reprimanding the game’s unique lineup of arbitrary fields. Players can run across housetops for the high ground or go through the neighborhood organizations for spread. It even has a consuming sawmill in it.


Aniyah Incursion

Aniyah Incursion is a remixed map from the Ground War guide of a similar name. Furthermore, since it isn’t Ground War any longer, it’s much littler. There are some flanking courses from the creep spaces just as a major primary patio. Players acquainted with the guide in Ground War may have a bit of leeway so bounce in now and begin examining.

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