Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One – New Maps, Guns and More

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New modes, maps and weapons are coming up – read on for all that you have to think about the main period of COD: Modern Warfare. Activision discharged a guide declaration on their blog, so look at that as well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Season One Guide

Named ‘the greatest free substance drop in Call of Duty history’, this is what’s available.

What new maps are coming to Modern Warfare Season One?

We’re getting a lot of exemplary maps darling by aficionados of the Call of Duty arrangement. For this update, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is spoken to, with three much-adored combat zones originating from that point, just as considerably more spic and span areas and maps coming later in the season.

  • Crash (Multiplayer) – A genuinely little guide from the primary Modern Warfare game, expect quick paced activity and housetop fights right now town.
  • Empty (Multiplayer) – Duck and jump behind work areas and take part in serious gunfights through the little rooms of this Call of Duty 4 guide.
  • Shipment (Multiplayer and Gunfight) – This guide, again from the first Modern Warfare, is so little and quick paced it’s utilized for Gunfight just as standard Multiplayer modes.
  • Port (Ground War) – Another shiny new gigantic guide for Ground War, this time set in a zone with colossal transportation cartons and mammoth structures.
  • Payload (Gunfight) – The London Docklands play host to this crowdedness field.
  • Chamber (Gunfight) – An indoor territory of a castle in war-torn Verdansk, you’ll be participating in some illustrious pieces.

We anticipate that more maps should be included all through Modern Warfare’s lifetime, particularly since we’ve seen implies in different modes. Scrapyard, from Modern Warfare 2, was reproduced splendidly for a Special Ops crucial model, so it’s looking entirely likely the devs will include some more works of art from the arrangement.

What new game modes are coming to Modern Warfare Season 1?

Season 1 will give you a couple better approaches to play Multiplayer, just as Special Ops content.


  • Strengthen – A solitary life mode where the two groups must assume control over the three banners on the guide.
  • Contaminated – The tainted chase the survivors with restricted assets, and the fallen transform into the undead.
  • On Side Procurement (Gunfight mode) – It’s much the same as gunfight however with somewhat of a change. You start totally unarmed, and gain weapons and unit as the battle goes on.

Special Ops

  • Bomb Squad – Defuse bombs around Al-Raab
  • Grounded – Take over Barkov’s previous airbase from your enemies
  • Totally dark – Recover intel from Barkov’s previous domain
  • Simply Reward – Hack a foe monetary activity, picking up intel en route

What new weapons can be earned through the Battle Pass?

We’re not totally certain about the specific idea of the movement framework, yet it’s been affirmed that spic and span makeup will be accessible for open all through the 100 levels. We’ll discover more on December third, yet here’s the two weapons going to the game.

  • Holger-26 – A fresh out of the box new LMG with all the signs of the class: high harm, long range and an enormous magazine limit. It’s allowed to open at level 15 on the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Smash 7 – A completely programmed bullpup Assault Rifle. Ideally it’ll have the influence level to give the M4A1 a run for its cash. You’ll open it at Rank 31 on the Battle Pass.

What are the main unlocks for the Battle Pass?

The first-class things – the new weapons – are allowed to open once you must the necessary levels: 15 and 31. You don’t have to buy the Battle Pass to open the Ram-7 and the Holger-26. There’s a couple of other free odds and ends as well, including COD Points and Weapon Blueprints.

After buying the Battle Pass, you’ll quickly get a couple of treats before positioning up. Another Operator, Mara, will get accessible, just as a skin for Azur.

You’ll likewise get the first of numerous Watches on the Battle Pass. Correct, truth is stranger than fiction, you can at last get a Watch on Modern Warfare without purchasing pizza rolls! The Skilltrack 55 Watch will watch out for your present position with a cool minimal visual.

An especially intriguing callback is the HDR Blueprint – Hadir’s Right Hand. You may recollect taking out baddies in the crusade with this behemoth, and you can open it at level 38 of the Battle Pass.

Our preferred bit of pack comes right at rank 93. The Life Support Watch shows the quantity of strides you’ve toaken so far in the game, which is truly cool. It’s even helpful to monitor when your strides will make a sound to foes.

The Battle Pass best out at rank 100, yet there will be a store added to the game that will permit you to buy things with the COD Points you’ve earned.


What’s the price of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass?

You’ll have the option to open rigging at each level of the Battle Pass. In any case, a large portion of this you’ll have to pay for. Two separate forms of the Battle Pass will be available. The fundamental adaptation will be 1000 COD Points, while players who need to open 20 levels quickly will pay 2400. This comes to US$10 for the essential pass, and US$23 for the level skip.

In the event that you need to buy singular levels it’ll slow down you 150 COD Points for each level, which gets truly expensive on the off chance that you plan on buying each and every one. In the event that you purchased the essential pass and each and every level, it’d wind up coming to $160. Fortunately, you can simply rank it up as ordinary subsequent to opening the pass, so this isn’t vital.

How do you level up your Battle Pass?

It’s equivalent to step up regularly. Your Battle Pass is attached to your XP, instead of explicit difficulties like in different games. Be that as it may, in-game missions despite everything apply to this so it merits keeping them ticking over when you can.

Multiplayer and Special Ops can be played to pick up this XP, so you can continue playing your favored mode.

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