Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two – New Maps, Guns and More

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Limitlessness Ward have been chipping away at understanding that subsequent season completed, and will incorporate three new maps, two free weapons, and another Operator – Simon ‘Apparition’ Riley. You can perceive what the dev group need to state about it in their Season 2 Launch blog entry.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Season 2 Guide

The story behind Ghost’s consideration in the game is truly fundamental. Fear mongers have captured an atomic warhead, so Captain Price has sent Ghost to go get it back. How energizing. It’s a reason to get progressively exemplary COD substance into the game however, so we’ll be seeing a great deal of cool stuff both old and new.

What new maps are coming to Modern Warfare Season Two?

Old and new areas are coming up in the most recent version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It’s an indication of what might be on the horizon, and we’ll be expecting a ton more as Season 2 goes on. Maps for Multiplayer, Ground War, and Gunfight are being included, so there’ll be something for everybody.

  • Rust (Multiplayer and Gunfight) – That’s correct, Modern Warfare 2’s quintessential left yard is back. Take your companions here and see who’s chief, and utilize the enormous pinnacle in the guide in multiplayer modes – it’s exemplary COD bloodletting.
  • Chart book Superstore (Multiplayer) – An immense grocery store stockroom has been attacked by psychological militant powers, and you’ll be doing combating through walkways and racking, dodging behind fallen produce, and sneaking through forbidden zones.
  • Khandor Hideout (Multiplayer) – Launching halfway through the season, little is thought about Khandor Hideout right now. It’ll have your standard multiplayer modes however, so keep your eyes stripped for more data when it turns out.
  • Zhokov Boneyard (Ground War) – Located in Verdansk, this plane junkyard will offer an immense measure of spread and space to cross.
  • Bazaar (Gunfight) – Back to Urzikstan, as a road advertise transforms into a war zone. The high-force playstyle of Gunfight loans itself consummately to these encased spaces.
  • Every one of these maps will be discharged on dispatch day beside Khandor Hideout, so there’ll be fresh out of the box new substance for you to give a shot right away.

What new game modes are coming to Modern Warfare Season 2?

In Season Two, you’ll have a reasonable hardly any better approaches to play. Serious rulesets are coming in, so the tryhards among you will have the option to play all the more truly.


  • Gunfight Tournaments – Gunfight is a staple of Modern Warfare now, yet imagine a scenario where you entered a 32-group competition and struggled it out for remunerations. This’ll truly test your capacity, so get decent and heated up in advance.
  • Obligation at hand League Ruleset Playlist – Starting on dispatch day, you’ll have the option to play indistinguishable settings from the Call of Duty League utilizes, letting you practice like the geniuses. You can discover all the information you need on the Call of Duty League site.
  • Destruction – Basically Search and Destroy yet with respawns, halfway through the season you’ll have the option to set your aptitudes in opposition to the adversary and wreck the bomb destinations as the assaulting group, or ensure them as the protectors.
  • Contaminated Ground War – Infected, however on a bigger scale. Survivors must avoid the tainted crowd, in case they become contaminated themselves. The Infected have expanded development capacities yet restricted weaponry, so the Survivors should play cautiously, particularly given how feverish making the mode into a Ground War will be.
  • NVG Reinforce – Midway through the season, Reinforce will get accessible. It’s a blend of Domination and Search and Destroy, so fanatics of those great modes will be totally adoring it.

What new weapons can be earned through the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass will work a similar route as in Season 1, with 100 levels of opens to gain through playing the game. Once more, this’ll incorporate two weapons which can be picked up for nothing without buying the Battle Pass, yet you can skirt 20 levels by buying the exceptional pass.

Here are the new weapons for Season 2’s Battle Pass.

  • Grau 5.56 – Unlockable at Rank 15, the Grau 5.56 is a ground-breaking ambush rifle that will be incredible at long ranges and ideally challenge the M4A1 at the highest point of the best firearms level rundown.
  • Striker 45 – Similar to the UMP-45 from past COD games, the Striker 45 will hold its capacity at longer ranges than most SMGs accessible, and bargain harm reasonably quickly with its tolerable fire rate.

What are the main unlocks for the Battle Pass?

After buying the Battle Pass, you’ll quickly open the exemplary COD administrator, Ghost. With the full premium pass, an entire heap of additional stuff is coming up, including the opportunity for up to 1,300 COD Points, a lot of Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Watches, Challenges and that’s just the beginning.

We’ll have more information once the substance drops as well, so watch out!

The Modern Warfare Battle Pass release is likewise coming, so in case you’re yet to get into the game, this may be a strong spot to begin. It accompanies the full game, 3000 COD Points, a Combat Knife with a custom skin, and the XRK Weapons Pack.

New Trials and Missions are coming up as well. Quad Race makes them race on a quadbike, clearly. Fire in the Hole gets you to hurl the same number of frags through the entryway as you can. Value’s Alley compels you to bring down adversaries while abstaining from hitting regular people, and Behind Enemy Lines is a standard ‘murder all the baddies’ strategic.

The Battle Pass beat out at rank 100, however there will be a store added to the game that will permit you to buy things with the COD Points you’ve earned.


What’s the cost of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass?

You’ll have the option to open rigging at each level of the Battle Pass. Be that as it may, the vast majority of this you’ll have to pay for. Two separate adaptations of the Battle Pass will be available. The fundamental adaptation will be 1000 COD Points, while players who need to open 20 levels quickly will pay 2400. This comes to US$10 for the fundamental pass, and US$23 for the level skip.

In the event that you need to buy singular levels it’ll slow down you 150 COD Points for each level, which gets quite expensive on the off chance that you plan on buying each and every one. In the event that you purchased the fundamental pass and each and every level, it’d wind up coming to $160. Fortunately, you can simply rank it up as typical in the wake of opening the pass, so this isn’t important.

How do you level up your Battle Pass?

It’s equivalent to step up regularly. Your Battle Pass is attached to your XP, instead of explicit difficulties like in different games. In any case, in-game missions despite everything apply to this so it merits keeping them ticking over when you can.

Multiplayer, Trials, and Special Ops can be played to pick up this XP, so you can continue playing your favored mode.

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