Call of Duty Warzone: How do Armour Plates Work?

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You start with a couple of Armor Plates, yet getting shot may drain your wellbeing all out. Fortunately, you can get Armor Plates from around the guide, so in the event that you have to mend up you can.

How do Armour Plates work in Call of Duty: Warzone?

At the point when you generate into a round of Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ll have 2 Armor Plates joined to you toward the start. You have space for one more in the event that you discover it. These Armor Plates give you 50 additional wellbeing to ingest more harm.

This implies your greatest absolute wellbeing is 250, with the 100 base wellbeing and 150 from Armor Plates.

Covering Plates cost $1500 Cash from Buy Stations, and can supplant broken Armor when you have an extra second after a commitment. They’ll additionally drop pretty oftentimes from killed foes, so after your crew wins a gunfight they’ll have the option to pretty emphatically renew any lost wellbeing, alongside getting a major wedge of money.

You’ll need to tune in out in battles – a one of a kind sound can be heard when you hit a foe with Armor Plates on, and when they’re down to their last 100 Health, another sound will play so you realize when to go in for the slaughter.

Your base 100 Health recovers, however your Armor Plates don’t – they are broken when hit and should be recharged. You can perceive the amount Armor you have left in the base left of your screen, only by your crew’s names and Health bars.


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