Call of Duty Warzone: Easter Eggs Guide Tips & Tricks (2020)

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While you investigate Verdansk, you may run into some Call of Duty Warzone Easter eggs. There’s certain areas in Call of Duty Warzone that will appear to be natural from past Call of Duty games, alongside some shrouded insider facts and riddles to be comprehended. Underneath, we have the entirety of the Call of Duty Warzone Easter eggs we’ve discovered, including the widely adored burger eatery.

Note that we’ve secured the entirety of the Call of Duty Warzone fortification entryways in a different guide, which likewise incorporates the telephones and PCs you can interface with. Head over yonder to look into those!


Communicate, one of the maps presented in Call of Duty 4’s Variety Map Pack, is steadfastly reproduced in Verdansk at the TV Station spot of intrigue. Within the structure has been pulled directly from Call of Duty 4, aside from the shading palette has been refreshed. There’s a great deal of plunder here and it’s likewise genuinely focal in the guide, so anticipate that a ton of players should battle on the off chance that you drop here.


Another guide presented in a similar Variety Map Pack is Killhouse, which can likewise be found in Verdansk. Head up to the Military Base and you’ll discover a preparation zone with a similar format as Killhouse, aside from it’s presently outside and not in a stockroom. Likewise, the tall pinnacle in Killhouse has been moved outside of the field. This is anything but an especially extraordinary spot to land, however on the off chance that you can draw another group of three here, you can have your own temporary Gunfight round on an exemplary guide.


What’s this, another Call of Duty 4 guide? Truth is stranger than fiction, you can likewise discover some portion of Vacant in Verdansk. This should come as to a lesser degree an amazement on the grounds that Vacant has been reproduced for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer as an independent guide, however you can likewise discover it close to Port in Verdansk.

Grandma’s House – Overgrown

Everybody recollects Overgrown from Call of Duty 4, correct? Also, you most likely recall the house by the riverbank, with the rooftop you could move upon and the upper room with a mounted automatic weapon inside? This was ordinarily alluded to as “grandmother’s home” among committed players – don’t ask us for what valid reason – and grandmother’s back, child.

This house can be found in a couple of various areas all through the Warzone map, with precisely the same design. A couple of windows have been expelled and there’s an entryway missing, yet beside that, it’s a similar house. Ok, the recollections.

All Ghillied Up

While we’re finished with the multiplayer maps from Call of Duty 4, there’s likewise a few critical areas from the All Ghillied Up battle strategic, is ostensibly a standout amongst other first individual shooter single player levels ever. First up is the notable ferris wheel close to Promenade East. You may think this is only any old ferris wheel however it appears to be a similar one from the crucial, the model highlights some striking similitudes.

Head over to Boneyard and you can likewise locate the relinquished pool – additionally found in the multiplayer map Bloc on Call of Duty 4. By and by, it’s without water, and you can reveal to it’s indistinguishable as it has a similar plunging board, tremendous devastated windows covering one divider, and the walkway over one side.

Mile High Club

Do you recollect the Mile High Club crucial toward the finish of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare? Beside being extraordinarily hard on veteran trouble, the strategic spot on a plane mid-flight. In the event that you land at the air terminal in Verdansk, you may see something natural about the slammed plane.

Numerous individuals figured the area would be founded on the multiplayer map Terminal from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 yet truth be told, the plane is practically indistinguishable from the one found in Mile High Club. It despite everything resembles a genuinely conventional plane – and it doesn’t have the upstairs segment – yet the part you can investigate is a pleasant tribute.


Scrapyard, a great guide from Modern Warfare 2 additionally includes in Verdansk, in spite of the fact that this one is normally known. Scrapyard is additionally in the guide Boneyard – select to Ground War in Modern Warfare – so it bodes well that the Boneyard segment of Verdansk highlights Scrapyard. This is maybe the most dedicated diversion of the first guide, with each and every angle included.



No, we’re not discussing the gulag you enter when you kick the bucket and need to 1v1 somebody to respawn. The Prison area in the south-east corner of the guide is really an entertainment of the gulag in the Modern Warfare 2 crusade, in the mission apropos named “The Gulag”. In the event that you go down to the storm cellar, you’ll additionally discover the gulag showers that were in the Spec Ops strategic a similar game.

Burger Town

Ok, Burger Town. The well known burger chain that is plainly motivated by another meat patty based eminence. While the chain includes on Modern Warfare 2 guide Terminal and Modern Warfare 3 maps Arkaden and Downturn, you see it most unmistakably in the Modern Warfare 2 battle during missions No Russian, Wolverines, and Second Sun.

The adaptation in Verdansk is clearly a Russian variation and keeping in mind that there’s a couple of Burger Town eateries on the guide, none of the formats are culled straightforwardly from past games. So, it’s a flawless reference to something made in a split second well known when Modern Warfare 2 propelled.


You’d be totally pardoned for not perceiving this, as it’s an imitation from the Modern Warfare 3 battle level called Turbulence. Mostly through the strategic, captures your plane and it makes an extreme accident landing.

Between TV Station and Military Base on the Warzone map is the place you can discover a practically accurate entertainment of the accident site. The plane is separated into three sections and keeping in mind that it’s not consuming any longer, it’s plainly a similar plane.

These are the entirety of the Call of Duty Warzone Easter eggs we’ve found up until now. On the off chance that any are added to the game later down the line, we’ll make certain to refresh this and let you know. Obviously, in the event that you discover any we haven’t secured, make certain to tell us in the remarks.

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