Call of Duty Warzone Map Guide: Where are the best places to land?

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Here at GamesRadar, we’ve on the whole sunk a great deal of worker hours into investigating the Call of Duty Warzone map and therefore, we are very brave the most perfectly awesome spots to land. There’s around 40 named areas altogether in Call of Duty Warzone and with 150 players in each match, that implies you have to pick your arrival goal cautiously. Here are the entirety of the best areas to arrive on the Call of Duty Warzone map.

Call of Duty Warzone map

All in all, the Call of Duty Warzone map is called Verdansk. There’s a wide range of situations inside, from desolate precipitous territory to thickly stuffed city avenues and structures. There’s a lot of spots to browse, yet where are the best places to land?

Arklov Peak Military Base

Much the same as in PUBG’s Erangel, the Military Base is a hotspot of the two players and magnificent plunder. Situated at the highest point of the guide, there’s not very numerous large areas close by so players regularly rush to this region – particularly if it’s on the way of the plane – in addition to it’s up the side of a mountain so is an incredible area for expert sharpshooters to look downward on the primary territory of the guide.


Zordaya Prison Complex

This is a little area in the south-east corner which implies you won’t discover a great deal of players here (except if it’s privilege toward the beginning of the flight way), however it’s thickly pressed with bunches of plunder. You’ll need to make a direct route out of there before the zone contracts, yet don’t hope to discover a lot of a battle since it’s so far away.

Verdansk International Airport

Other than the principle city, the air terminal is the greatest area on the Call of Duty Warzone map – you could without much of a stretch plunder one finish of this spot and not see another group. The territory around the air terminal is very open however, so ensure you don’t get shot in the back by marksmen on the off chance that you can support it.

Downtown Tavorsk District

At that point there’s the Downtown Tavorsk District. This is one of the most populated spot on the guide in light of how enormous and focal it is, yet the measure of structures implies there are a lot of chances for crowdedness battle and once more, a ton of plunder. Simply don’t get lost!

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