Call of Duty Blackout Characters Guide: How to Unlock Characters

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Obligation at hand home to such a large number of titles, it’s for all intents and purposes a commonly recognized name now. We recollect legends like Soap MacTavish from some time ago and Blackout gives you a chance to play as the entirety of your top choices from COD games passed by.

At the season of composing this article, there are right now 29 characters to open altogether and the way toward opening characters adequately comes down to three things: positioning up, discovering things and execution in matches. For the most looked for after characters, you’ll quite often need to snatch an uncommon thing, play out an extraordinary activity or two, and pursue this all up by setting exceptionally in a match.

Trouble lies in finding the things required to start each character’s questline. You’ll either discover them in uncommon Supply Drops which are difficult to find and risky to approach, or dropped haphazardly by zombies or different players. Irregularity combined with hazard can make it a bad dream to open the character you’re after, so we’ve put togther a guide that will ideally ease a portion of the pressure.

Beneath we’ve assembled a rundown of the considerable number of characters in Blackout, alongside their open necessities. Obviously, numerous questlines are yet to be found, so expect a few holes in our rundown until further notice. When more subtleties swing our direction, we’ll make a point to refresh this page right away!

Blackout: All Characters List

Beneath you’ll discover a rundown of the considerable number of characters or “pros” you can open in Blackout. We’ll refresh this area if there are any progressions at dispatch.


  • Battery – Find a War Machine in Supply Drop, Get slaughters with the War Machine, Place in the Top 15.
  • Ajax
  • Torque – Find the Note from Torgue. Annihilate two Razor wires, one Barricade and completion in the Top 15 with the thing staying in your stock
  • Firebreak – Find the Burned Doll thing in Supply Drops and containers, get executes with flame harm and completion the match
  • Crash – Find the Poker Chip, part of the arrangement 15 mending things in your stock and completion in the best 8
  • Migrant
  • Recon – Loot a Ching Coin from a Supply Box, and keep it until the part of the arrangement. Take zero harm from the tempest circle and completion in the Top 15.
  • Ruin
  • Seraph – Find the Annihilator, get murders with the Annihilator, complete in the main 15.
  • Prophet


  • Airborne – Unlocked by arriving at Level 60
  • Fight Hardened – Unlocked by arriving at Level 80*
  • Frogman – Unlocked by arriving at Level 40
  • Bricklayer
  • Menendez – Find the Locket, Kill a foe with skirmish, Kill an adversary with a Shotgun, Finish the match.
  • Officer – Unlocked by arriving at Level 20
  • Reznov
  • Seal – Unlocked by arriving at Level 80
  • Woods – Find the Bandana, Get in a helicopter during a match, Win the match.



  • Bruno
  • Dempsey – Find the Death Machine, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10
  • Diego
  • Nikolai – Find the Cymbal Money, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10
  • Richtofen – Find the Ray Gun, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 5
  • Scarlett – Find the Racing Goggles and Scarf…further steps still obscure.
  • Shadow Man – Provided with the Black Ops Pass
  • Stanton
  • Takeo – Find the Katana, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10


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