Call of Duty Blackout Ray Gun Guide: How to Get the Ray Gun 2019

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The Ray Gun is effectively probably the juiciest weapon you can get your hands on in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode, however on the off chance that you need to get hold of one yourself, at that point you will have an incredible battle on your hands.

For a begin, you will need to do fight with the shockingly intense zombies specked around the guide, annihilate them before some other players get a similar thought and wreck you, and after that expectation that Lady Luck is your ally with regards to getting the drop.

In this article, we’ve sketched out the majority of the means associated with getting hold of the Ray Gun in Blackout, from picking an ideal zombie area, to working through the alternatives you need to really get the weapon.

On the off chance that different techniques for getting hold of the Ray Gun show up after some time, we’ll ensure this page is refreshed immediately – stay tuned for all the most recent!

Find Zombies in Blackout

  • Your first errand is to discover a pack of zombies to bring down. You’ll have the option to recognize their areas on the guide kindness of the blue beam of light that sparkles from the beginning very high.
  • A famous goal – and by which we mean, anticipate bunches of rivalry – is the Asylum zone of the guide. This is one of the in all probability spots for the zombies to produce.

How to get the Ray Gun to drop

  • Having discovered your meandering pack of undead ne’er-do-wells, your next activity is to annihilate them all so as to generate something many refer to as a Mystery Box.
  • When you’ve executed the majority of the zombies in the region, the Mystery Box will bring forth. You get an opportunity to pick up the Ray Gun from the case when you open it.
  • Note that there’s a shot you’ll get the Ray Gun for executing the zombies altogether, in spite of the fact that drop-rates for this to happen are not at present known.
  • Regardless of whether you don’t get fortunate with the Ray Gun, zombies drop really top notch gear in any case, as they’re helpful for getting tooled up regardless of whether karma isn’t your ally this time.

For more data on finding a case, take a plunder at our Blackout Mystery Box generates and areas direct for more data on the most proficient method to follow one down.


Ray Gun footage

During the ongoing beta a bunch of YouTubers had the option to get their hands on the Ray Gun and take it out for a turn. Here’s some ongoing interaction film of the Ray Gun in real life:

Source By YouTube: Hova



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