Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 3 Maps, Guns, Game Modes, and more

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A great most loved guide from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is showing up, just as a shiny new game mode for Warzone.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Season 3 Guide

For reasons unknown, Alex, from the Modern Warfare battle, isn’t in reality dead! What an astonishment. Phantom calls Captain Price for reinforcement, and Alex, who should have done a courageous generosity in the game’s battle mode, shakes up and fires shooting up baddies. Decent one, what a savvy buddy.

What new maps are coming to Modern Warfare Season Three?

New and old, we’ll be seeing a lot of stuff added to Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here’s all the maps being placed into to the game.

  • Talsik Backlot (Multiplayer) – Fans of the first Modern Warfare will be comfortable with Backlot. The winding passages and lacking elbow room battles will be quickly suggestive for long time fans, and the remastered form has a couple of new changes as well. A full lowdown is accessible on Activision’s blog
  • Hovec Sawmill (Multiplayer) – This fresh out of the plastic new guide plays host to a ton of spread based ongoing interaction, including a gigantic pinnacle smack in the center.
  • Aniyah Incursion (Multiplayer) – This isn’t as quite a bit of a fresh out of the box new guide as the others. Rather, it’s a little bit of Aniyah Palace, which was somewhat enormous for our loving in any case. This one will as of now be well-known to existing Modern Warfare players at that point, so you won’t need all the assistance on the planet to make things work here.
  • Hardhat (Multiplayer) – The structure site from Modern Warfare 3 makes an arrival halfway through Season 3. You’ll have to exploit quick paced gunplay and speedy reflexes to make things work here.
  • Walkway 9 (Gunfight) – This appears as though it’ll be a little stockroom/store region for use in Gunfight as it were. Be prepared for loads of dodging behind racks and boxes to get the point on your rival.

Every one of these maps will be discharged on dispatch day beside Hardhat and Aisle 9, so there’s fresh out of the box new substance for you to give a shot right away.

What new game modes are coming to Modern Warfare Season 3?

In Season Three, you’ll have a reasonable not many better approaches to play. Combat area has given us what we as a whole needed, and we’ll be seeing extra new stuff later on in the season in Modern Warfare.


  • Reinfected Ground War.
  • Firearm Game Reloaded.

Both of these modes are coming halfway through the season.


Quads are at long last here in Warzone, which means you can have four individuals in a group without a moment’s delay. This’ll be incredible for getting yourself into a group with your typical Battle Royale mates, particularly on the off chance that one of you has recently needed to sit out.

What new weapons can be earned through the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass will work a similar route as in Season 1 and 2, with 100 levels of opens to win through playing the game. Once more, this’ll incorporate two firearms which can be picked up for nothing without buying the Battle Pass, however you can skirt 20 levels by buying the uncommon pass.

Here are the new firearms for Season 3’s Battle Pass.

SKS – this new Marksman Rifle inhales more life into the class – we’ll be refreshing our best weapons level rundown so check there to perceive how it performs. This’ll be opened for nothing at level 31 on the Battle Pass.

Renetti – This gun isn’t super-amazing, as most guns, however you’ll have the option to use it akimbo in case you’re expecting crowdedness battle. Here’s our guide page on using weapons akimbo for more information. You’ll open the Renetti for nothing at level 15 of the Battle Pass.

An up ’til now unannounced weapon will be coming soon halfway through the season. We’ll have it in our weapon level rundown when it comes out, so keep your eyes stripped!

What are the main unlocks for the Battle Pass?

After buying the Battle Pass, you’ll promptly open the administrator Alex. With the full premium pass, an entire heap of additional stuff is coming up, including the opportunity for up to 1,300 COD Points, a lot of Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Watches, Challenges and that’s just the beginning.

We’ll likewise be seeing vehicle skins in Multiplayer, Ground War, and Warzone, so you can pimp your ride however much you might want.

The Battle Pass beat out at rank 100, yet there will be a store added to the game that will permit you to buy things with the COD Points you’ve earned.

What’s the price of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass?

You’ll have the option to open rigging at each level of the Battle Pass. Nonetheless, the greater part of this you’ll have to pay for. Two separate adaptations of the Battle Pass will be available. The essential form will be 1000 COD Points, while players who need to open 20 levels quickly will pay 2400. This comes to US$10 for the essential pass, and US$23 for the level skip.

On the off chance that you need to buy singular levels it’ll slow down you 150 COD Points for each level, which gets quite expensive in the event that you plan on buying each and every one. On the off chance that you purchased the essential pass and each and every level, it’d wind up coming to $160. Fortunately, you can simply rank it up as typical in the wake of opening the pass, so this isn’t fundamental.


How do you level up your Battle Pass?

It’s equivalent to step up typically. Your Battle Pass is attached to your XP, as opposed to explicit difficulties like in different games. In any case, in-game missions despite everything apply to this so it merits keeping them ticking over when you can.

Multiplayer, Trials, and Special Ops can be played to pick up this XP, so you can continue playing your favored mode.

With the presentation of Warzone, you can likewise step up in the hall before matches. Drop into the guide and snatch a touch of simple XP by destroying two or three baddies as you pause.

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