Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations: Keycards, Vaults and Bunker 11 Explained

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The Warzone dugouts are open. In the event that you can discover keycards and fortification areas there’s a ton of plunder to be had and, all the more significantly, Warzone shelter 11 has much more to offer.

10 of the fortifications on the guide are gotten to by means of keycards you can plunder, yet Warzone dugout 11 is exceptional; you have to unravel a riddle including both Russian numbers and morse code, while rushing round the guide in Call of Duty Warzone as fast as possible. Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations We have a total manual for everything that has been comprehended up until now however — the riddle is as yet disentangling as I compose — so you can get into Warzone dugout 11, locate the potential nuke, at that point return here later when the remainder of the riddle has been fathomed.

Call of Duty Warzone bunker locations

The guide above shows every one of the 11 shelter areas. The 10 red circles demonstrate the “typical” dugouts, in that you basically need a red access card to get inside. Concerning the blue hover at the highest point of the guide, that is the shelter 11 area. It’s north-west of Military Base and to get inside there, you have to comprehend the fortification 11 riddle which we’ve clarified further on.

Inside the dugouts you’ll discover a plenty of top level plunder, all the money on the planet so you can purchase additional items from purchase stations, and all the rigging to unit out your full crew. Somewhat less energizing than what we were seeking after given that Apex Legends and Fortnite have both previously actualized a similar thought, however valuable in any case on the off chance that you figure out how to get your hands on a keycard.

How to open Warzone bunker doors

First up is the 10 fortification entryways that aren’t identified with the shelter 11 riddle. These are genuinely easy to get inside the primary level. You have to initially get yourself one of the red access keycards. These have been in the game for some time (however unusable up to this point).

Warzone keycard locations

There’s no simple answer here as you get Red access keycards as an arbitrary drop from cartons dissipated all through the guide. When you have yourself one however, you can move toward one of the 10 fortification entryways on the guide and open it. You’ll realize it very well may be opened if there’s a green light. Inside these fortifications you’ll discover loads of extraordinary plunder that can assist you with dominating the game, alongside another shelter entryway further inside. Issue is, no one has made sense of how to open the subsequent entryways yet.

Not long ago, dataminers dove into the Warzone game documents and found the presence of green and blue access cards nearby the red ones. The utilization for these isn’t known at the hour of composing, however there’s an opportunity they could be identified with the second shelter entryway inside each current dugout.

Warzone Bunker 11

So you need to open Warzone Bunker 11, huh? Prepare for a ttip as you visit different telephones on the guide to reveal Russian numbers, Morse code, er, codes and in the long run access to the famous Warzone dugout 11. Inside you’ll discover heaps of part, a SMG outline, and what resembles a nuke being built…!? Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations Regardless of whether that winds up being something players can dispatch is not yet clear yet for the time being here’s the means by which to open Warzone dugout 11 and get at what’s behind that entryway.

Call of Duty Warzone message phones

So you need to get inside shelter 11, huh? First up is clarifying how the telephones work. The guide above shows the area of five distinct telephones; these aren’t all the telephones in Warzone, yet they are for the most part the telephones that can play the underlying message you have to hear to commence the initial step.

The subsequent you bounce off the plane and onto the guide, you should be heading off to these five telephones and checking them. On the off chance that you hear a dial tone, you’re at one of the mistaken telephones. In the event that you hear a Russian Bunker Commander talking… big stake! You’re at the perfect spot and you have to tune in out for three numbers in Russian. The numbers start when you hear a short jingle, and are over when you hear that jingle once more.

Sadly, I don’t know Russian. In case you’re in a comparable situation, you’re going to need to decipher, so I’d suggest utilizing a site like Russian Lessons. This page has 1-10 in Russian on the off chance that you click the “play” symbol, in spite of the fact that you’ll have to realize how to articulate zero in Russian as well. Fortunately, zero is simply “nol”, which is anything but difficult to recall.

At the point when you’ve heard and deciphered the three numbers, it’s a great opportunity to proceed onward to the following stage.


Call of Duty Warzone morse code phones

For the following stage, you have to make a beeline for three telephones all through the guide that compare to the numbers you simply heard. The guide above shows each of the 10 telephones (0-9), so just head to the three numbers you heard all together. It must be in the right request, or the riddle will reset.

At the point when you collaborate with these telephones, you’ll hear some morse code. This, as you’d expect, means the numbers you heard previously, so in case you’re following this guide, you don’t have to raise a morse code interpreter. When you’ve been to every one of the three telephones, head over to fortification 11 at the highest point of the guide. It’s set apart with the blue hover on the guide above.

As you approach, the light ought to be green, and you’ll have the option to associate with the keypad by the entryway and open it. Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations Head inside and you’ll be remunerated with so much plunder, including the Mud Drauber SMG plan which will be added to your record (right now irritated and doesn’t show up forever, ought to be fixed in an update).

In one room is a double screen PC on the divider, glitching out. Connect with it to reboot it and a clock will begin in the following room along, tallying down from 10 seconds. At the point when it arrives at 2, it will bug out and restart the commencement.

On the contrary side of the dugout, you can slither through an opening in the divider to locate a “Gleaming Red Button”. Press it and the smoke will be cleared in the window, uncovering a nuke being fabricated.

Sadly, this is the place the Easter egg closes at present. The comunity is working diligently illuminating the remainder of the riddle, yet at the hour of composing, it’s as yet a puzzle The regular agreement is that rebooting the PC has something to do with the plenty of PCs you can discover on the guide, since right presently they’re apparently futile. At the point when we know more, we’ll make certain to refresh this guide, so return consistently.

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