Clash Of Clans: Clan War League and How to Win Them 2019

As all of you realize first Clan War League season has begun. Factions are set up for epic war. The majority of the partaking factions are prepared to attempt their best for the brilliance of their tribe. I will attempt to give some helpful traps about winning family war associations.

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What is Clan War League?

Faction War League (CWL) is the most recent element talented to Clash Of Clans players by Supercell. It is the most foreseen highlight of Clash of Clans. It had been requested for quite a while. In CWL 8 distinct factions contend with one another.

How does Clan War League work?

So as to join Clan War League, you need to join your faction first. You need in any event 15 individuals so as to agree to accept Clan War League. During the season your family will be coordinated against every tribe which means you need to battle with 7 unique groups. Not at all like ordinary faction wars, you will have just one assault. The group which thrashings inverse faction is granted 10 additional stars toward the finish of the war. At that point you will be coordinated against another tribe. You should battle wars with 7 unique tribes. Group pioneers can grant rewards to players who did best assaults in the association.

The group with most successes will be elevated to higher classes and it will be granted stars which can be utilized to purchase enchantment things from the shop. While the group performing inadequately will be downgraded to lower class. Assailants are remunerated with gold, solution and dull remedy simply like typical faction wars.

How to win Clan War Leagues?

Pick non-rushed bases

Non-surged bases are constantly key to win a faction war. A surged base can make a great deal of harm your war in the event that it gets coordinated with a completely updated base.


Allocate focuses to your clanmates based on their capacities

On the off chance that you are an accomplished assailant manage your faction mates about their assault. Reveal to them the correct side to assault. Reveal to them the technique to assault. Guide them about what assault methodology the should utilize. Or on the other hand in the event that you figure you aren’t sufficient to direct them solicit another great aggressor from your faction to support them. So as to win you have to keep an eye on faction.

Avoid taking engineered bases in the league

Conflict of Clans has taken solid measures to nerf designed base so on the off chance that you take a built base with you, you are well on the way to confound. Take completely maxed bases with a decent offense.

Fill up war castles with good defensive troops

Have a go at topping off your war palaces with great troops like mythical beasts, child winged serpents, wizards or magma dogs. Group mansion troops can hinder the foe and can make a great deal of contrast during a tribe war. Family palace troops are must to win a war.

That is it. Conflict On!

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