Clash of Clans El Primo Complete Guide 2019

As all of you realize Brawl Stars has been propelled universally and to advance it Clash Of Clans have just begun an occasion including the brawler ‘El Primo’. I will attempt to help you about how to utilize El Primo in your assaults.

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Troop Composition

Here is the sythesis I am utilizing. Preparing cost is shoddy and troops get prepared in only 27 minutes. I got some great outcomes with this system.

I had the option to 2 stars some new TH12 base and I had the option to obliterate 90% of idle bases. This person merits attempting.

How to use El Primo

A maxed El Primo has around 3550 hitpoints which means on the off chance that you will prepare 10 El Primos you can drench 35500 harm which is a ton.


El Primos on one side of the base

Simply send a layer of El Primos on one side of the base and convey a layer of the wizard behind them. Give wizard a chance to tidy up the external structures of the base while El Primos make a pipe for your troops. At that point convey your saints and remaining wizard, toxophilite, and brutes.



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