Clash of Clans: Legend League Redesign [Updated 2019]

Climate Forecast: Clear Skies

The Legend League update is here! In the present review of the June update we’ll be talking about the modify of the Legend League and the effect it’ll have for Trophy climbers.

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What are the Clouds?

On the off chance that you’ve been playing Clash of Clans for any timeframe, you may have heard the expression “stuck in the mists” from players who every now and again climb the Trophy stepping stool. When you move to a specific League, the quantity of bases that are accessible to assault diminishes. Since, in Clash of Clans you can just assault players who are disconnected and don’t have a protective shield, this altogether lessens what number of bases you can assault inside a given timeframe. This is particularly evident when a greater number of players are online than are disconnected. Accordingly, when you attempt to locate a base utilizing the multiplayer coordinating you will see the mists screen (now and again for a considerable length of time at once).

Enter Operation: Blue Skies!

Trophy climbers are the absolute most no-nonsense and aggressive players in Clash of Clans. They appreciate the test, the achievement of being one of the top players on the planet, yet in addition tragically aren’t ready to play as much as they need because of the absence of accessible bases to assault. With this update, we’ve changed how multiplayer matchmaking capacities when you achieve 5000 Trophies.

Legend League Overview

When you achieve 5000 Trophies, the Attack menu will give a fresh out of the plastic new choice. As opposed to coordinating you facing another player, you will be furnished with a catch to “Select In” to the Legend League matchmaking.

When you pick in, every day everybody in the Legend League will get a fixed number of eight (8) assaults and resistances. Each assault will be worth up to 40 Trophies yet you can’t lose Trophies when you assault. You can play out these assaults anytime, without scanning for adversaries. Any assaults not utilized inside a League Day are lost. When another League Day begins, the quantity of assaults you get will invigorate.

Like the past Legend League, each season will at present be a month long with every day currently called a League Day. Each League Day will reset the quantity of assaults accessible and the quantity of barriers your town can take. Toward the beginning of each new League Season, trophies will reset to 5000.


When you’re in the Legend League, you can utilize an unexpected design in comparison to the ones players see when they visit your town. From the Defense tab of the Legend League assault screen, you can choose which Defensive format you wish to utilize. The format you choose to utilize will stay as your dynamic protection until you choose to transform it.

This is likewise where you choose your Clan Castle troops. Select which gave CC Troops you wish to utilize and they don’t should be refilled after each assault. Those CC troops will remain your CC troops until you choose to utilize various ones.

Since we’ve changed how Shields work in the Legend League (more on this next), you can be assaulted even while you are on the web, however don’t stress, you don’t lose assets from taking a protection in the Legend League can in any case play while being assaulted.



We’ve changed how Defensive Shields work and the job they serve in the Legend League. Buying a Shield is the way you can enjoy a reprieve from a League Day.

Under the past framework, having a functioning Shield kept players from assaulting your town when you went disconnected. Be that as it may, in the new Legend League since players are assaulting a preview of your town every day, players will most likely assault you whether you are on the web or disconnected.

With the new Legend League, when you buy a Defensive Shield you won’t almost certainly be assaulted for whatever length of time that the Shield is dynamic yet neither will you have the option to assault another town either. Basically, acquiring a Shield will stop your situation in the Legend League.

Moreover, when you buy a Defensive Shield, it doesn’t become effective until the following League Day. For instance, in the event that you were amidst a League Day on Monday and acquired a 2-Day Shield, that Shield clock won’t begin until the start of the League Day on Tuesday.

The equivalent applies for dropping/evacuating a functioning Shield. Evacuating the Shield will enable you to rejoin the Legend League pool, however it doesn’t become effective until the accompanying League Day.

On the off chance that you buy a Defensive Shield yet lose enough trophies to fall underneath the Legend League edge before the Shield becomes effective the following League Day, at that point the Shield will stay dynamic in the ordinary multiplayer framework.


You will stay in the Legend League section once you achieve 5000 trophies. Toward the finish of the League Day, on the off chance that you fall underneath 4900 Trophies you will be put once more into the ordinary matchmaking pool. The measure of Trophies earned per assault will be controlled by how well you assault your adversary.

  1. For 0 stars you’ll get 0 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 10% DP above 0%
  2. For 1 stars you’ll get 5 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 9% DP above 1%
  3. For 2 stars you’ll get 16 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above half
  4. For 3 stars you’ll get 40 trophies


Indeed, you can do your assaults whenever you need. When you’ve finished the majority of the accessible assaults, you won’t almost certainly assault again until the following League Day starts and the quantity of assaults are revived. This implies you never again need to sit by your gadget for endless hours sitting tight for a base to all of a sudden become accessible.


As referenced under the Defense segment, when you assault another player or when you are assaulted, plunder isn’t stolen from the shielding town. Like Clan Wars, there is a set measure of plunder you can acquire controlled by the achievement of your assault. Be that as it may, you will at present acquire reward plunder for your League level and you will in any case procure Star Bonus plunder in the wake of gaining 5 Stars when your Star Bonus plunder is accessible.

The measure of plunder accessible per base will be as per the following, in view of assaulting a maximum Town Hall 12:

  1. 450k gold
  2. 550k mixture
  3. 6.5k dull remedy

More fragile bases will have a lower measure of accessible plunder. Star reward and win reward stay unaltered from their present qualities. Besides, your assaults will in any case check towards different highlights, for example, Clan Games and Season Challenges.



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