Clash of Clans New Seasonal Challenges [Updated] 2019

The organization uncovered the supposed Seasonal Challenges before today nearby its April update — and they’re currently accessible to all players.

To help update you with what the new framework implies for you, we’ve assembled a concise diagram of the key ideas. How about we make a plunge.

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What are Seasonal Challenges?

Occasional Challenges are another Clash of Clans include that enables players to take an interest in day by day and month to month difficulties to gain additional prizes.

There are a few every day challenges which invigorate every day, and 24 month to month challenges which are opened at a rate of six every week. These keep running until the month’s end.

The difficulties don’t include any ongoing interaction that you wouldn’t experience during normal play however rather are regular ‘form [X] structures,’ ‘convey [X] troops,’ type missions.

How much do Season Passes cost?

The Silver Seasonal Challenge level is free, yet access to the top notch gold level requires a Gold season pass costing $4.99 (or what could be compared to 500 in-game Gems).

Season passes can be bought whenever of the month and you’ll have the option to retroactively gather rewards. In any case, you’ll profit by specific prizes (like explicit supporters) for a more drawn out period on the off chance that you purchase a pass early.

What rewards do Seasonal Challenges offer?

Silver level players have an aggregate of 15 rewards accessible to gather all through the season, including enchantment things and elixirs. Toward the finish of the period, silver players can likewise guarantee up to 5m Gold/Elixir and 50k Dark Elixir from the Season Bank (more on that underneath).

Those with a Gold pass can guarantee 30 rewards, including enchantment things, a 20 percent lifts for structure, research, and troop preparing speeds (a critical motivation to be amped up for the Season Challenges alone), just as up to 25m Gold/Elixir and 250k Dark Elixir toward the finish of season.


Would anybody be able to take Part in Seasonal Challenges?

Truly, any Clash of Clans player can take an interest in regular difficulties. Be that as it may, you’ll need to purchase a Gold season go to get to the most energizing treats on offer.

How long is a season in Clash of Clans?

A Clash of Clans season keeps running from the main day of the date-book month to the last.

What’s this about a Season Bank?

Consistently, an equivalent measure of any gold, solution, and dull mixture you acquire is likewise pooled in a store called the Season Bank. The assets put away here will at that point be added naturally to your typical town stockpiling when the season closes.

Any assets you procure over the top referenced in the prizes area above won’t be put away in the Season Bank (however regardless you’ll win them once to your town stockpiling according to normal).

The presentation of Seasonal Challenges appears to be a keen move from Supercell as it makes another income stream without making a lot of disturbance its fanbase. Obviously non-paying players might be baffled that they can’t get to the new skins, however ordinary Clash of Clans spenders ought to be well-satisfied: the opportunity to get all these additional treats at the normal cost of 500 diamonds appears like an easy decision.

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