Clash of Clans TH12 Trophy Pushing Bases 2019 {Updated}

Making a decent trophy pushing base is critical to get by in the high class and to push trophies quicker. I have brought both of you new trophy pushing bases that can enable you to guard against certain assaults.

In higher classes, it is difficult to protect against different players as a large portion of the players are talented enough to one-star your base. The bases I brought were all the while winning a few safeguards in high associations.

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First Base:

This base has a well-secured town lobby. The Inferno towers and Eagle Artillery position is likewise great. This base can protect well against ground assaults however may be powerless against air assaults. You can put the air protections as per your will to improve the base more.

Assaulting The Base

Assaulting this base from a base left corner won’t be a simple occupation. There are a great deal of layers of dividers on the underneath side so the town corridor is all around secured.

Assaulting from the top corner isn’t simple. There is a higher grouping of resistances on the upper side. A smart thought would assault from the left or right corner.

I utilized the base and got some great outcomes. I began winning a portion of the guards. You can do changes to the base to upgrade it more.


Second Base:

This base has a well-secured focused town lobby. The base demonstrated some great protection results. I had the option to win a few resistances and get a lot of trophies. The base was doing very great against air assaults on account of good position of air barriers.

Inferno Towers

Inferno towers are very much put same goes with x-bows. Assaulting the base from Eagle Artillery side may be a smart thought. I tested the base and it did well against air assaults yet It was more helpless against ground assaults.

There is no ideal base. Each base can be 2-featured or 3-featured on the off chance that you utilize the right blend and pick the right side to assault. A few bases can be somewhat all around structured than others. Planning a decent base may spare a couple of your trophies yet you ought not hope to protect against each assault.



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