Clash Of Clans: TH12 Upgrade Order 2019

Welcome to the absolute first TH12 update request manage. The greater part of you may ponder ‘What is the best thing to update first and? By what means would it be advisable for me to propel my base?’.

Today I will talk about the overhaul request for TH12 and I additionally need to specify that you should be maxed TH11 to pursue this guide since this guide just notices TH12 updates including the new structures and redesigning the current TH11 structures. How about we get straight into the guide.

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Build the new traps and building

Above all else, it is prescribed to construct overhaul those new devices which are accessible at TH12. Manufacture the recently included shrouded tesla and overhaul it to the dimension of existing concealed teslas. Manufacture those new spring snares, air bombs, and other recently included devices. Include the new inferno tower and redesign it to the dimension of existing inferno towers. Utilize one developer to do these redesigns.


At TH12 you got one all the more new structure and that is the comprehensive ‘Seige Workshop’. The workshop is likely the most significant new element for TH12 update yet it is additionally the absolute most fascinating game-changing structure so I prescribe you to do that on the very first moment.


Laboratory opens huge amounts of new updates for your troops, spells, and attack machines. A research center will dependably be a main need on each new town corridor level.

Army camps

Indeed, TH12 gets new armed force camp dimensions taking our all out armed force piece to 280 so armed force camp is certainly a significant hostile structure to overhaul.

Storages (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir)

You should redesign your stockpiles at the earliest opportunity due to new saints levels require a great deal of dim elixirs. Likewise, you need a great deal of elixirs to update your troops and gold to overhaul your safeguards and faction manor.


Dark barracks and dark spell factory

Obviously, you ought to open the new ice golem and bat spell as it will give you all the more assaulting procedures. Bat spells are extremely convenient in beating maxed TH12 bases and ice golems are additionally valuable in certain methodologies.


Your legends ought to be your top need subsequent to updating stockpiles. Level 60 Barbarian King and Archer Queen merit overhauling. Updating Grand Warden is additionally essential since it is critical to winning assaults against solid bases.

Clan Castle

New faction château level will oblige five additional troops now you will most likely hold 40. That is a colossal update for getting more grounded repulsively.

Eagle Artillery

Falcon gets an additional 50 DPS at level 3 and as a result of it’s ludicrous range it is our first guarded need.

Town Hall 12 itself

At TH12 now town corridor really guards its self. There are five dimensions of TH12. The Giga Tesla has a decent measure of DPS. The Giga Tesla update is very useful in guarding your base. At level 5 it does passing harm which is extremely worth updating.

Inferno Tower

Inferno towers were constantly one of the most grounded resistances. At level 6 inferno towers are getting a critical DPS support so they are on our third need.

Wizard Towers

Wizard is generally the best standard resistance. It is a game-changing barrier in Balloons, pigs, and excavators assaults.

Archer Towers

Bowman towers are in every case great against an assaults. They have a decent range and a decent DPS.

Air Defense

Air barriers are the most significant resistance against air assaults. They have a tremendous measure of harm against air troops, for example, Lava Hounds, Dragons, and Balloons. So overhaul them to keep your skies clear.


They are adequate to protect against both air and ground assaults when set to ground.

Bomb Towers

They are clearly useful in safeguarding against a ground assaults.


Guns bargain a lot of harm to ground troops.


Completes a decent measure of sprinkle harm to ground troops. Mortars are significant for guarding against witch assaults.

Hidden Tesla

Obviously, they are a significant protection. You may think why they are excessively low at the need list since they are simply getting a little DPS support which is 10.


Dividers make your base look great and very much redesigned. Dividers are useful for hindering ground troops.

Gold Mine and Elixir Collectors

They are on second last since they don’t create enough assets only a little lift.


Traps are in every case keep going on the rundown.

That is in support of today. Expectation you delighted in the guide. Let me know whether I missed something. Conflict on!

Source by YouTube: ECHO Gaming



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