Clash of Clans TH9 Upgrade Order 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

Moving up to the new town lobby level is continually energizing. The majority of the players don’t have the foggiest idea what they should overhaul first at new town corridor level. So as to advance quicker, you have to realize the correct overhaul request.

TH9 opens a ton of new energizing overhauls, troop levels, and another legend. How about we talk about the principal redesigns you should concentrate on at whatever point you simply begin your TH9 base.

There are significant offense structures that you have to update completely first on the very beginning.

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Upgrading Offenses

Research facility

The research facility will dependably be a the very beginning update since all the new troop overhauls and spell redesigns are inconceivably significant. So it ought to be done on the very first moment.

In the event that you have not overhauled your research facility yet, ensure you do that. We will later examine troops and spell overhauls as well.

Archer Queen

Following the research center, it’s critical to take note of that the Archer Queen is presently accessible and it should go down onto your base on the very beginning since it is a zero second overhaul.

You don’t have to hang tight for her. She will be in a flash on the base and she includes a huge amount of harm both offense and safeguard. Endeavor to accept her to level 5 when you can, that way you can open her capacity.

Alongside Archer Queen, you get 20 new dimensions for Barbarian King. Both the Archer Queen and Barbarian King can go to level 30 now as a TH9.

It is exceedingly suggested that you maximize your King and Queen before you get down to business corridor 10. In this way concentrating your dull mixture on your saints is fantastically significant.

Resource Buildings

A TH9 gets additional gold stockpiling, remedy stockpiling, gold mine, and solution authority. Put these new stockpiles as quickly as time permits and redesigning them will help you a great deal in a portion of the offense overhauls.

Take those new gold mine and remedy gatherer to the dimension of more seasoned mines and authorities. it is likewise prescribed to overhaul dull mixture stockpiling and drill as you will require a colossal measure of dim remedy for legend redesigns.

Clan Castle

Clan Castle overhaul will open an additional 5 troop spaces from 25 to 30. Presently you can hold a Golem in your tribe château or you can hold a magma dog or an additional goliath or anything you desire to convey.

Going into 30 is amazingly great and ground-breaking. It is prescribed to get the tribe manor updated when you can.


Army Camps

Armed force camps are the most significant structures on your base. At TH9 you get additional 20 troops that can have an incredible effect in the fight. It is prescribed to begin redesigning your military camps on the very first moment.

In the event that you have 5 manufacturers, utilize one on research center, one on asset structures, one of tribe château and one on your military camps. In any case, you have 1 developer close by. How about we go to the following updates.

Spell Factory

Spell processing plant overhaul will open both the bounce spell and stop spell. Hop spell is significant when you face your individual maximized TH9s in group wars.

Additionally, the spell production line update includes two additional areas for another mixture spell or two dull spells. The spell manufacturing plant redesign is critical in the event that you need to improve in wars.

The stop spell would be just dimension one so it isn’t generally a feature however that hop spell and additional limit is staggeringly significant for new TH9.

Dark spell factory

Dull spell manufacturing plant gets two overhauls and that will open both the flurry spell and skeleton spell.

Scramble spell is critical for Loonian or LavaLoon assaults. Skeleton spell doesn’t hold that much esteem yet it is extremely valuable on specific bases with fury spell for taking out an adversary ruler.

It is exceptionally prescribed to update your dim spell processing plant as quickly as time permits.


Barracks get another dimension which opens infant monster. The infant mythical serpent is a standout amongst the most valuable troops for cultivating and war. It is can be extremely helpful piping troop as well.

You certainly need to open the child mythical beast and overhaul your sleeping shelter. Redesign them each one in turn that way you are not impeded really awful in assaulting or cultivating.

Dull Barracks

Darks sleeping shelter gets two redesigns which open both the witch and the magma dog. It is prescribed to utilize both of these.

Witch slap is a standout amongst the most dominant assault methodologies for TH9 these days. Magma dogs can be utilized for LavaLoon or GoLaLoon assaults for war and trophy pushing. Endeavor to redesign your magma dog to level two as ahead of schedule as would be prudent. This overhaul will profit you such a great amount on your TH9 base.

These offense updates are going to take a ton of elixirs and dull elixirs. My suggestion is that you should drop down to the Gold alliance and do some Barch.

Dark Barracks

You will get another monster bomb and two new looking for air mines. They are zero second overhaul so simply put them on your base and redesign them later.

At TH9 you get new dividers. I prescribe to put them on your base and continue utilizing your additional gold on them. Take them to max TH8 level so they won’t look appalling and it will empower you to fabricate increasingly complex bases.

New traps and new walls

At TH9 we get 5 new protections and those new resistances are in reality all air targetting in light of the fact that air assaults are excessively ground-breaking at TH9.

The thought behind the new town lobby is to get more grounded so putting in the new resistances is really the speediest and most ideal approach to include more harm to your base.

Previously, I suggested postponing these new safeguards on account of what’s designated “War Weight”. The present way the war coordinate framework is set up, deferring these protections won’t profit you. Put them on your base and get them to max TH8 level so they would coordinate different resistances.

A great deal of you may think ” Where is the x-bow?” Well, the x-bow is an uncommon thought since it is a substantial war weight. It would influence the war matchmaking a bit so it is smarter to postpone it until further notice.

We should move to the guarded piece of the guide.

Upgrading defenses

Air Defenses

Air assaults are an extraordinary risk to new TH9 bases. A great deal of TH9 players use air assaults as they are anything but difficult to execute. It is prescribed to overhaul air barriers to max TH9 level.

It doesn’t make a difference how you redesign them. You can put every one of them to redesign in the meantime however it will make your base increasingly powerless. It is smarter to overhaul two air guards at once yet you can update them in the manner you like.


In the event that you are war situated or you would prefer not to surge or you need to ensure that you can deal with bases of your quality, it’s prescribed that you update your x-retires from following example:

  • In the event that you have both of your saints at level 10, fabricate your x-bows.
  • Update your x-bows to level 2 once your saints are level 15.
  • Redesign your x-bows to level 3 once your legends are level 20.

This will help you in controlling your war weight and ensure that you can three-star the bases of your weight.

There is a very notable statement, “On the off chance that you can’t 3 it, don’t manufacture it”.

Wizard Towers

At TH9 you get level 7 wizard towers. Redesigning wizard towers can help you in halting air assaults. They can complete a lot of harm to a lot of inflatables. I prescribe you to begin overhauling wizard towers alongside x-bows.

Archer towers

After wizard towers, presently it’s a great opportunity to begin chipping away at wizard towers. I generally organize toxophilite towers above other guard since they assault both air and ground units and have a lot of range.


Guns are additionally significant guarded structures. They can be extremely useful in ceasing ground troops.

Hidden Teslas

Shrouded teslas can an extraordinary amazement to assailants. Notwithstanding having a short range they complete a great deal of harm. I prescribe you to redesign them as quickly as time permits.

Bomb towers

Bomb towers are dependably a decent update. They can’t be ignored. They complete a tremendous measure of death harm when decimated.


Mortars are likewise significant in shielding your plunder from looters. They can be valuable in ceasing GiBarch assaults.

Air Sweepers

Air sweepers can change the consequence of an air assault. They can destroy rivals assault. I set them on the last in light of the fact that TH8 air sweepers can carry out the responsibility as well.


It is prescribed to continue utilizing you additional gold on your dividers. Dividers are critical to guard against a ground assaults. They can hinder the adversary. Updated dividers make your base look beautiful.

There’s nothing more to it. It takes a half year to max out TH9 base disregarding the enchantment things. Good karma with your new town lobby level. Conflict on!

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