Clash of Clans Top 5 predictions for 2019 [Updates]

Hi, individual clashers. A debt of gratitude is in order for ceasing by, I trust you are doing great. Today I am going to disclose to you five forecasts done by Galadon about fate of Clash Of Clans.

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Town Hall 13

Definitely, another new town corridor. The vast majority of you may imagine that Clash of Clans just discharged TH12 how might they actualize another town corridor level yet It is conceivable and it is anticipated by Galadon on his Youtube channel. A large portion of you may be frustrated by this yet this is only an expectation. It is conceivable yet I don’t know whether it will be executed for the current year. On the off chance that we do see a town corridor 13 it won’t be before Clash World Championship. It will be discharged after those titles. We have 50 percent of a shot that TH13 will be the last update of the year 2019.

A New Hero

Truly, I do believe that with TH13 we will see another legend. How about we return and take a gander at the historical backdrop of legends. Savage King was declared for TH7, Archer Queen for TH9 and Grand Warden for TH11 and after that TH13. It appears as though we will see an extra legend at TH13. It may be like Grand Warden as anticipated by Galadon. It could have an altogether different capacity from Grand Warden. Perhaps you can’t bring both Grand Warden and new legend together as it will be too OP yet at the same time, it is only an expectation.

New CWL classes

Right now, we have Champion 1 for most noteworthy tribe war class I feel like that isn’t sufficiently high. I heard that there are a thousand families that made it to Champion 1. I am practically positive that we will see a titan group three, two, one and maybe even a legend class.


Clash Championship Winner – New Faces

As we as a whole know a Clash Championship will occur in 2019 where winning faction will get cash prize and it will be delegated as ‘Best Clan In The World’. A ton of top factions, for example, One Hive, Dark Looters and more will partake in the title however I trust the victor of Championship will be a lesser-known tribe. The players who going to win this are going to appear unexpectedly and win this Championship. They are going to beat every single top group and will end up moment big names of the ‘Universe of Clash’. That’s it in a nutshell.

 New Walls – But!

These new dividers perhaps something other than what’s expected from typical dividers. Possibly they give them an uncommon capacity like halting pig riders, ceasing air troops or perhaps enabling them to battle back. These dividers would be constrained. I trust it will be included for the current year.

Source By YouTube: Galadon Gaming



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