Clash Of Clans: Upgrade Order For Farming In Town Hall 9 (TH9)

Hi Clashers, Today I will direct you which troops you should overhaul first on TH9. This guide will concentrate on cultivating troops. I will compose war redesign need soon.

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Heal Spell

Mend spells are my preferred spells to use with cultivating sythesis. Recuperate spells will help you in Giant assaults. Toss a recuperate spell on you monsters to recoup their wellbeing during fight.


Level 6 Goblins are awesome. They take out gatherers genuine fast. Use them in draining methodology to get huge amounts of plunder. I will compose a guide on Milking Strategy soon.


Amazing assaulting troops. Valuable in destroying any base. Use them when you have alot of Dark Elixirs. You can utilize them as a substitute of Giants.


On the off chance that you need to cultivate on TH9, you should overhaul Archers first since you can utilize them in various Farming systems, for example, GiBarch and Barch. At TH9 you will almost certainly update your Archers to level 6. Level 6 Archers are great.


Brutes are the second most significant cultivating troop. You can utilize Barbarians in GiBarch And Barch Attacks. You can ensure your Archers by conveying a layer of Barbarians against them.



Monsters are additionally significant cultivating troop. At TH9 you can redesign your mammoths to level 6. Level 6 Giants are sufficiently able to wreck inert bases. You can utilize Giants in GiBarch Attacks, or you can utilize them with trolls to take out plunder rapidly.


Redesign your wizards to utilize them as a substitute for Archers or Barbs. Wizards are strong, however they will build your military expense.

This guide centers around cultivating troops that is the reason I did exclude war troops. I will compose a guide on war troop redesign need soon. So continue visiting and Clash On!

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