Clash Of Clans Upgrade Priority For Th8 2019

I am going to reveal to you what you should overhaul first at TH8. Numerous clashers don’t have the foggiest idea what they should overhaul first at new town lobby.

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Obviously, the research center is the most significant structure for each Town Hall level. Your first need ought to redesign of research facility. Attempt to top off your mixture stockpiles before your town corridor updates, this will assist you with upgrading your lab ASAP. At TH8 new research center dimension will give you solid troops like dimension 3 Dragons and level 3 Pekkas. With level 3 hauls you would 3 be able to star a large portion of bases.

Build New Buildings

Overhaul your Townhall will give you some new barrier and offense structures you should assemble them ASAP. Additionally, overhaul them to a fair dimension.

Upgrade Resource Building: Gold Storages, Elixir Storages And Dark Elixir Storage

You should overhaul you stockpiles first with the goal that you can top them off for updating guards. Overhauling Dark Elixir Storages is likewise significant on the grounds that you will require more DE for updating BK.


You should update your sleeping quarters and dull encampment since it will open some new systems for you. You can do Gowipe and GoWiVa on your individual TH8s and you can undoubtedly 3 star them.

Barbarian King

Brute ruler is the most grounded of all. You should redesign you BK to level 10 as quick as possible. Brute ruler will help you in ground assaults.

Area Splash Defense: Wiz Towers and Mortars

Barch And Goblin assaults are basic at TH8. Zone sprinkle resistances will shield you from these stealers.

Air Defense

On the off chance that you adore war you should redesign your air safeguard before overhauling some other barrier on the grounds that at TH8 Mass Drag Attacks are generally normal. Overhauled air barriers will bring down monsters rapidly and will prevent the foe from 3 featuring you.

Hidden Teslas

Shrouded Teslas are additionally significant and solid guard. They can take out any troops rapidly. They will assist you with defending your town.


Guns are not solid but rather are great against ground troops. Guns are finally a result of their short range and ground focusing on.


Dark Elixir Drills, Gold Mines And Elixir Collectors

You should overhaul your dim solution drills since they will give you a good measure of DEs when you come up short on DE. Gatherers and mines are likewise great since they give you a tolerable measure of assets each morning.

Archer Towers

Bowmen are a solid safeguard. They can shield you from both air and ground troops.


Spring traps are awesome for shielding you from monsters. Others traps, for example, bombs can crash low hp troops like spikes, toxophilite, and trolls. Goliath bombs are great against pigs.


Dividers are the magnificence of base. Dividers will hinder your adversaries. You should overhaul the dividers before setting off to the new TH level. That was a brisk guide. I trust this guide will support you. Remark beneath If I overlooked something. Conflict On!

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