Clash of Clans Upgrade Priority For TH9 2019

What to update initially is an issue of each clasher so today I am going to direct you.


The research facility is vital to showing signs of improvement. Without overhaul research center, you can’t show signs of improvement troops in CoC. Accordingly, you will neglect to get 3 stars in war. So your need ought to be the research center. By updating research facility at TH9 you can overhaul golem and valks to level 4 which will make you much better.

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Archer Queen To Level 5

Bowman ruler is the most significant factor for winning assault so you should redesign your AQ to level 5 at the earliest opportunity so you can utilize her capacity.


Teslas are one of most significant guard. They can crash troops in all respects rapidly so you should redesign teslas after wizard towers.


Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to redesign mortars. Mortars are useful for slaughtering Barch or trolls.


Guns are useful for slaughtering ground troops. They will assist you with surviving against golem assaults.

Army Camps

You should redesign your military camps as quickly as time permits with the goal that you can have more armed force. Without updating armed force camps you can’t 3-star individual TH9s.

Clan Castle

Updating group manor will build your tribe château space. More tribe stronghold space implies you can get golem or magma dog in your CC. This will give you an extraordinary preferred position in fight. Without stronghold troops, it is constantly hard to assault bases.


Xbows are useful for guard you should fabricate xbows asap and overhaul them to level 3 with the goal that you can shield your base against aggressors

Air Defense

After xbows you should concentrate on air guard since these days air assaults are normal so redesigning air resistances will shield your base from air assaults.

Archer Towers

Numerous clashers center around engines when they update their TH, overhauling mortars will give you nothing. Mortars simply do little harm to troops it is smarter to redesign bowman towers than overhauling mortars.


Wizard Towers

Wizard towers are significant safeguard. They can spare you from goliath assaults. Wizard towers can slaughter a ton of mammoths if mending spell isn’t utilized.

Air Sweepers

In the wake of overhauling the majority of your barrier you should redesign air sweepers. Air sweepers can assist you with defending against LavaLoon assaults.


Walls can hinder ground troops so you ought to in any event overhaul your dividers to Level 9.

So this was a short guide for every one of you. I will compose overhaul need for TH10 and TH11 soon so stay tuned.


Source By YouTube: Clash Bashing!!



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