Clash Of Clans TH10 Upgrade Order {Updated} 2019

You may go town lobby 10 or you are as of now there and you are pondering what you should redesign as another town corridor 10, at that point this guide is made for you. I am back with TH10 refreshed update direct for 2019.

From the ongoing updates, a ton of things changed for TH10. First I need to make reference to that If you didn’t max TH9 that incorporates max legends, max lab, max dividers, and max structures then this guide won’t bode well since this was planned on reason that you maximized.

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Getting the new buildings

As another TH10 you approach a heap of new structures that I exceedingly suggest that you get them as quickly as time permits. I prescribe putting three of your manufacturers to get these new structures constructed and set up.

You have the two new inferno towers so feel free to get those as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. They are completely justified, despite all the trouble. Manufacture those two inferno towers and leave them at level one for the present.

We get another gun. Get that new gun to the past TH9 max level and same goes for every other protection that you see here, so make them coordinate all your different structures at the earliest opportunity.

You additionally have another Archer pinnacle, third X-bow, third dim mixture drill, you get another bomb tower and a few snares. These new guards carry a ton of significant worth to your base and it is totally prescribed that you get at an early stage. Likewise, you get 25 new dividers those are essential to get on the grounds that it will assist you with designing and fabricate much increasingly convoluted base structures.

Getting the offensive buildings

So another significant interesting point is your hostile structures. These hostile structures use elixirs to get updated.


The primary thing that you should redesign first at TH10 is your research center. Get it to level 8 so you will most likely open all the more dominant troops levels which will improve you to assault even. The research center has dependably been number one need. It will require your investment however it is unquestionably justified, despite all the trouble.

Army camps

At TH9 you had the option to hold 220 troops in your military camps now you can hold 240. It is profoundly recommended that you redesign your military camps as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected. I by and large endeavor to organize those first behind getting the research facility.


After armed force camps we have garisson huts and each encampment will get one overhaul that will open the digger. It is prescribed to overhaul each one in turn provided that you have one of them being updated, your military sets aside a more drawn out effort to prepare. Diggers are great for cultivating dull elixirs so get them opened.

Dark Barracks

The dull military enclosure going to level seven will open the bowler. Again a tremendously important troop. A standout amongst the best troops in the game in the event that you take my sentiment. Dull sleeping quarters is an astonishing update so I profoundly prescribe you to complete those at the earliest opportunity.

Spell factory

Redesigning the spell production line to level five will open the clone spell that doesn’t have a major effect. I don’t by and by utilize a clone spell however you may appreciate it. What I like about the spell processing plant overhaul is that it enables you to bring an additional spell.

Clan castle

While you are utilizing the majority of your elixirs on every one of those hostile structures you will have some additional gold and it is my top need to utilize all that gold on overhauling family stronghold.

Family château will go from holding 30 troop ability to 35 with the goal that will bring an additional Balloon or an additional hoard or an additional goliath or whatever you choose to acquire the faction palace. Those faction château troops are extremely significant for winning an assault or barrier.


Saints are significant for the two assaults and barrier so remember your legends and continue emptying your dull mixture into your King and Queen. Get them to level 40.


Getting defensive

Inferno towers

So you officially manufactured dimension one inferno towers prior. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to get them to level three. It is my expert assessment that you should maximize your inferno towers when you can.

Wizard towers

After inferno towers, we have wizard towers. At TH10 wizard towers get two redesigns. Wizard towers do sprinkle harm to both air and ground troops and are extremely viable against inflatable and hoard assaults.

Air Defenses

Air protections are extremely worth overhauling. They can secure you against air assaults. They can keep your skies clear. Air resistances are extremely compelling against ruler strolls, inflatables, magma dogs, and monsters.

Archer towers

Bowman towers assault both air and ground troops. They get two new dimensions at TH10 and it is prescribed to get them as quickly as time permits.


You have two new dimensions of guns at TH10. Complete those as they complete a great deal of harm to ground troops.

Bomb towers

After gun, it’s a great opportunity to overhaul bomb towers. Bomb towers are viable against pigs and excavator assaults due to their demise harm.


X-bows have an enormous range whenever set to ground and a decent range whenever set to air. Complete them to get more protective assistance.


Powerful against witch assaults, barch assaults, and voracious trolls.

Hidden Teslas

Concealed teslas can be an extraordinary astonishment to the guests. They have a little range yet immense harm.

Air sweepers

Air sweepers help in clearing your skies. Air sweepers are exceptionally compelling against LavaLoon assaults. They can destroy a splendidly done LavaLoon assault.


Traps are dependably toward the end. They aren’t that terrible. Traps can be a decent amazement to the assailant.


Put your additional gold on dividers and continue redesigning them gradually with different safeguards. At last, when you will maximize your resistances you will be left with few dividers.

Troop Upgrades

Many individuals email me about what they should overhaul in their research center. It totally relies upon you. It relies upon what troops you like. On the off chance that you ask me I would redesign diggers for cultivating assets. I will sit out of the war for couple of days and maximize my excavators. From that point forward, I will begin taking a shot at LavaLoon and Valkyries since I like them however again it is on my preferences. You can redesign any troop you like. You can overhaul the procedure you are great with.

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