Clouds To Be Fixed Clash Of Clans 2019

There was a gigantic talk on discussions and the string proposed a wide range of various systems, conceivable fixes, answers for the cloud issue and after that it was reprimanded valuably by different players regarding why or why not that technique may work or probably won’t be a fix to the mists.

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I know Supercell thought about that data and clearly they have concocted something. They are not letting us know precisely what that something is yet.

Darian included, ” Changing on a very basic level how Legend League functions”. I feel like that bodes well since you can’t simply accomplish something essential. You can’t simply put more bases or make shields shorter, every one of those kinds of things will be fixed that either just incidentally fix the issue or just somewhat improve things.

When you search for a battle the clouds

When you look for a fight the mists appear. This procedure for the most part takes a couple of moments, however once you achieve higher classes (Titan+), the mists begin to get longer and more. Rather than a couple of moments, the looking through begins to take a couple of minutes, and it just deteriorates and more awful as you continue raising your Trophies. On Legendary League, up the an hour to locate a solitary fight.

Most clashers don’t realize this is a main problem and during the primary genuine Trophy push they think the game is broken with server issues and get in touch with me. The thing is: the game isn’t broken, this is exactly how it works, tragically.

The higher you go less players without shields

The appropriate response is very basic and bodes well: the higher you go, less players without shields are accessible, until you achieve a point that there is anything but a solitary town without shield to be assaulted. So the cloud starts.

The game matchmaking searches for players on your trophy go and when there isn’t, you simply stall out in the mists trusting that a town will lose shield. This can take a long, long time.


The Real Problem

The genuine issue is that achieving Legendary League isn’t generally just about abilities, it’s about tolerance and available time. There is no chance to get around, procedure, anything. On the off chance that you need to get 5k+ Trophies, you should confront the mists. You should sit on your seat and hold up hours to discover an assault. Typically clashers plug in their telephones/tablets on the charger and leave it looking while at the same time working or examining. When it discovers something, you enjoy a reprieve from work and assault.

Yet, hello, it used to be most exceedingly terrible. Before the present shield framework was presented with the Town Hall 12 (Xmas 2015), just by tapping the “Discover a Match” catch expelled your shield totally. In any event now once you get exhausted or if your manager strolls in to your office you can close the game without losing the shield.

Fixing The Clouds

All things considered, I wish I could state this will be fixed one day, yet it is anything but a simple errand. Of the considerable number of issues on the game this is most likely the most concerning issue by a wide margin. This issue averts clashers to do what the game is tied in with, conflicting, demolishing the game involvement.

We know Supercell knows about this issue as the game designers discussed it ordinarily. The issue is that there is no simple method to fix.

To fix this issue, the matchmaking or the shield framework must be changed. In the event that you lose the shield simpler, more towns will be accessible to assault, yet you will likewise be assaulted more. It’s a major exchange off and I don’t figure most players will like.

Another conceivable change is on the matchmaking framework. Before the Builder Village was acquainted Versus Battles was conjectured with fix the Home Village mists. Along these lines a town could be assaulted even with the shield on since it was a 1vs1 fight. This doesn’t fix the issue totally (Builder Base likewise have mists), however it’s unquestionably not as awful as the present framework.

Task Blue Skies

On a Community Q&A in 09/2018, Darian (Community Manager) said an answer for the mists may at long last be headed. They are concentrating various arrangements as this may change the shield framework or changing the matchmaking. There is no date to be discharged on the grounds that to principle focal point of the dev group is the Clan War Leagues, yet mists ought to be a need in 2019.

On November 2018 Darian affirmed on a Reddit AMA that another framework is coming to players on the Legendary players. It isn’t straight on fights (like Builder base) and this framework might be connected to Legendary League, not influencing the lower classes. This task is as of now being called Operation Blue Skies by the designer group.



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