Combo Priest Deck List Guide Hearthstone Descent of Dragons

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Combo Priest is a Hearthstone deck that has been around in some structure for a long time now, going to and fro between various structures relying upon what’s well known in the most recent extension. The form we’ll be talking about here is the exemplary Divine Spirit/Inner Fire combo, reinforced by High Priest Amet, the new Priest Legendary crony.

With this rendition of the deck, your point is to supersize a solitary follower by buffing its Health to a gigantic number with Divine Spirit, and afterward its Attack to coordinate its Health with Inner Fire. Executed effectively, you’ll have a flunky with assault power well into the twofold digits that can for the most part rout your rival out and out and in a solitary blow.

Right now our Combo Priest control, we’re featuring the most serious form of the deck that is seeing play at the present time. We’ve likewise included heaps of system and Mulligan guidance to assist you with directing the deck to your best capacity. On the off chance that this one keeps on being well known, we’ll keep refreshing this article!

UPDATE – December 2019

With the arrival of Descent of Dragons, we have another adaptation of Combo Priest to show you. Devout Priest Amet has carried this deck into the spotlight, just as new cards like Injured Tol’vir and Psychopomp offering this model a reasonable scarcely any reinforcement plans.

Combo Priest deck list and strategy

Here is the variant of Combo Priest seeing the most play in the present phase of the Descent of Dragons meta. We’ll refresh our proposals as the meta develops after some time.

Priest Neutral
2 x Circle of Healing 2 x Injured Tol’vir
1 x Silence 2 x Wild Pyromancer
1 x Topsy Turvy 1 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Inner Fire 2 x Injured Blademaster
2 x Northshire Cleric 1 x Stormwind Knight
2 x Power Word: Shield 2 x Neferset Ritualist
2 x Divine Spirit 2 x Lightwarden
1 x Extra Arms
1 x High Priest Amet
1 x Mass Dispel


General Strategy

Combo Priest is tied in with working to that one minute in a game when you have all the pieces you need close by to make one mammoth follower with a crazy assault esteem that can kill your adversary in a solitary hit. That is the fantasy situation, so to arrive you’ll need to play the gradual control game Priest is known for, while attracting through your deck to discover the cards you need.

While the idea of the deck has continued as before between developments. Cards from the Year of the Dragon have helped this deck on its way however. Devout Priest Amet is the away from of the show, offering any follower brought close by it a wellbeing reward to an incredible 7. Just as this, you approach Psychopomp, a tenacious chap who’ll restore your dead flunkies and give them Reborn, something that will make them stickier. They likewise synergise perfectly with High Priest Amet who will raise their wellbeing from 1 to a major 7.

Early game: Your initial turns are about card draw and control. Attempt to arrange a circumstance where you have Northshire Cleric on the board, and use it to draw cards with your Hero Power. You can buff its Health with Power Word: Shield, or even utilize one duplicate of Divine Spirit to give it survivability so you can launch your card draw motor if necessary. Wild Pyromancer joined with huge numbers of your modest spells is a decent method to keep up board control also, while the zone of impact harm can trigger card draws from Acolyte of Pain.

Mid game: Continue keeping up board control and drawing through your deck as you head into the mid game. On the off chance that there’s an opportunity for an early triumph, take it. Rivals probably won’t manage your initial Northshire Cleric, and after a few Power Word: Shields and Extra Arms, you may have the option to sneak in a Divine Spirit/Inner Fire combo to finish the game off right on time. Obviously, this isn’t your essential arrangement, however it does some incredible things for event – Murloc Paladin for instance has not many approaches to manage a major follower on the off chance that they don’t draw Toxfin early.

Late game: At this point, you ought to have finished all the arrangement and have all the cards you have to pull off the combo. In the event that you have a high-wellbeing follower ready, at that point hurl it out there, and if High Priest Amet is serving you well you can bring an entire pack of high-wellbeing flunkies that your rival will battle to clear. Sand Drudge can get you a leading group of 1/7s rapidly, and Psychopomp’s resuscitates and Reborns advantage from this as well.

Stormwind Knight is available as a Charge crony you can get a combo from as well, multiplying its wellbeing and hitting face for enormous harm. Notwithstanding, you ought to ideally have enough in your arms stockpile to figure out how to bargain deadly harm, be it through Amet’s wellbeing buffs or your Reborn followers recuperating up after some time. Upside down is right now, so as to ensure you draw enough for this combo to work appropriately – a strong option in contrast to Inner Fire for a finisher, it swaps assault and wellbeing instead of transforming one to coordinate the other.

Aggro Opponents

Some significant things to remember when against aggro decks:

  • 1. A major shortcoming of Combo Priest is quick decks, as they can possibly torch you before you’ve accumulated all the pieces you need.
  • 2. Card draw is certainly one of your needs, yet it might be insightful to concentrate on flunky expulsion against aggro so you don’t get overpowered.
  • 3. Fueling up a Wild Pyromancer with extra Health can be beneficial so it remains alive against different territory of impact harm triggers, and you can – ideally – clear the board more than once.

Control Opponents

Here are a couple of tips when confronting control adversaries on stepping stool:

  • 1. It ought to be a lot simpler to concentrate on card attract this coordinate as you’ll be feeling the squeeze from more slow adversaries.
  • 2. In case you’re concerned a mammoth Taunt crony is going to hinder the route for your hit of deadly harm, ensure you have Silence spared close by to make room.
  • 3. In totally frantic occasions, you can cast Power Word: Shield on one of your adversary’s cronies on the off chance that you truly need the card draw.

Combo Priest Mulligan guide

In the Mulligan stage you’ll need to accentuate card draw so you can assemble all the vital combo sorts out.

  • 1. Northshire Cleric: The ideal method to begin drawing through your deck in the early game.
  • 2. Force Word: Shield: Works as more card draw while likewise offering the possibility to increase somewhat more incentive out of your initial game followers.
  • 3. Attendant of Pain: More early game card draw.


Combo Priest tips, combos and synergies

We’ve just laid out your match dominating combo somewhere else right now, here are the other card cooperative energies you should know about when playing this rundown:

– Power Word: Shield gives more Health to its objective and furthermore draws you a card all the while.

– Injured Tol’vir slows down the foe while at the same time offering a sensibly huge body for Psychopomp to restore.

– When you cast Divine Spirit on a crony its Health is promptly multiplied from whatever esteem it is presently on, not its most extreme Health.

– As the key combo of the deck, Inner Fire can be applied on a flunky you’ve buffed with Divine Spirit to set their Attack to be equivalent to their Health. The harm potential with this can be huge.

– You can join Northshire Cleric with the mending from your Hero Power to draw extra cards, or utilize modest spells, for example, Circle of Healing to reestablish the Health of different animals and draw a lot more cards without a moment’s delay.

– Sand Drudge’s 1/1 Zombies with Taunt profit by High Priest Amet’s capacity, and have their wellbeing raised when they are gathered.

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