Control Game Guide: Tips & Tricks 2020

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The underlying sections of our manual for Control contain an extensive depiction of most significant game nuts and bolts and game mechanics. You will become familiar with character advancement, battle mechanics, and even how to utilize the paranormal abilities of primary courageous woman. We portrayed the most significant capacities of Jesse Faden – dispatch (supernatural power), shield, seize, levitation. Additionally, we depicted the courageous woman’s weapons – Spin, Shatter, Grip, Pierce. You will figure out how to utilize weapon and individual alterations to manage any circumstance in the game.

In the accompanying areas we have portrayed how to build up the courageous woman, gain source focuses, or play out extra undertakings, the supposed board countermeasures. These extra difficulties will accelerate your source obtaining and help you to fortify your courageous woman quicker. In our guide you will locate a lot of beginning tips and data that may assist you with finishing the game. The accompanying parts in the FAQ segment answer the most as often as possible posed inquiries identified with this title.

The accompanying pages of the guide contain an itemized walkthrough of all missions accessible in the game. In Control you’ll discover 10 extended story missions – a large number of these are loaded with puzzles and troublesome battles. Luckily, as you progress, your courageous woman gets more grounded and can control her forces. In the game you will discover 10 story missions related with the fundamental plot: Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Take Control, Polaris, Finnish Tango, The Face of the Enemy, My sibling’s manager, Threshold, Old kid’s club.

Obviously, we have likewise arranged a full rundown and detail depiction of every single side crucial. Extra assignments are covered up and frequently require finding a proper note or are authorized during a discussion with a NPC. A considerable lot of the assignments are extremely troublesome and lead to a discretionary battle with an intense chief. Now and then they even power you to investigate tremendous territory of explicit area looking for, for instance, shape or tainted foes. Here are the side undertakings in the game: What a wreck: clear the stop up, An engaged crowd, Fridge obligation, Old companions, Old development, Self-reflection, A great guard, What a wreck: converse with the plants, What a wreck: clear the shape, What a wreck: significantly more form, A joyful pursue, Mold evacuation, What a wreck: consume the junk.

Also, we’ve segregated the most troublesome riddles in the game and exhibited them in a different area to encourage route while scanning for depiction of dangerous minutes that happen in the game. Along these lines, you can rapidly explain any riddle and proceed with the narrative of Jesse Faden. In our guide, you will likewise discover a rundown and depiction of every single manager battle accessible in the game. A considerable lot of them are discretionary fights and require fulfillment of side missions – however be cautious, the trouble of extra supervisors is truly elevated!

We finish up our manual with a trophy direct, which contains a nitty gritty portrayal all things considered (accomplishments) of the game, which may help you in acquiring a platinum on PS4. As we have discovered – it isn’t so difficult to get in contrast with different titles.

What are the realities of Control?

The fundamental character of Control is Jesse Faden. At the point when she was youthful, she had a horrendous accident – her sibling disappeared. Attempting to manage the evil spirits of the past, the lady goes to New York where Federal Bureau of Control has their central station. This foundation is answerable for the awful mishaps that occurred from quite a while ago.

Notwithstanding, the lady won’t have the option to scan for truth in harmony. During Jesse’s visit to the Federal Bureau of Control, the Hiss choose to attack the world. During this attack, the chief of the foundation bites the dust. It is presently up to Jesse to protect this spot. Because of the bizarre customs, she is chosen the following executive.

Control happens altogether in one structure – The Oldest House. Subsequent to entering it, you will spend the whole game in that place.

Will the game receive a boxed retail edition?

Reassure rendition of the game will be accessible in box retail form. In the event that you need to buy a PC adaptation, you can just get an advanced duplicate from Epic Games Store.

Does Control support ray-tracing?

Indeed, the title has support for beam following innovation.

Are there any collectibles in the game?

As you go progress the principle battle in Control, you will have the option to gather various collectibles. These were isolated into six classes:

  • Case records
  • Research and chronicles
  • Correspondence
  • Mixed media
  • Hotline

Is it possible to customize your character?

Truly, it will. Jessie’s appearance can be altered, yet these progressions are restricted distinctly to garments.

Will Control receive DLC and expansion sets?

Indeed, it will. Right now, two development sets are being arranged – The Foundation and AWE. They are going to offer new stories, areas, game modes and missions.

Does Control feature multiplayer?

No. Control offers just a solitary player mode. The game likewise doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode.

Control – Game Editions

Control can be bought as a pre-request and is being offered in different versions. Curiously, the substance of these bundles relies upon your gaming stage. Beneath you will discover portrayal of each release and its substance.


Control – Minimum requirements

  • Working framework: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-piece form)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690/AMD FX 4350
  • Smash: 8 GB RAM
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780/AMD Radeon R9 280X
  • DirectX: adaptation 11

Control Video Game


  • genre: Action
  • developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • publisher: 505 Games
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4


Control for PlayStation 4 is a sci-fi third-individual activity game created by Remedy, referred to for making such games as Alan Wake, Quantum Break and the initial two portions in the Max Payne arrangement.

Players accept the job of a lady named Jesse Faden who is attempting an endeavor to adapt to her past goes to the Federal Bureau of Control situated in New York. As she is visiting its HQ the solid high rise known as the Oldest House turns into the objective of an attack of powers out of this world.

The chief of the organization bites the dust during the assault, and Jesse takes over because of abnormal ceremonies administering the agency. This is the means by which she got liable for killing the aggressors.

Control for PlayStation 4 is a shooter, where players watch the activity from the third-individual point of view. In any case, the game is very different from run of the mill TPP games – Jesse is furnished with a cutting edge gun that doesn’t just fire projectiles however includes certain supernatural highlights permitting the fundamental hero to for example shoot items and rivals. Also, the weapon can change its shape giving the players access to various functionalities.

The ongoing interaction spins around unique battle, during which players can utilize various extraordinary capacities that can be altered with bits of rigging and intuitive environment.

The game increases extra hues on account of the strange areas propelled by the architectonic style called brutalism. Structures’ shapes normally change before the players’ eyes giving a surrealistic encounter. This likewise influences the interactivity, as the maps are not preset, and the supplements of the Oldest House is a lot greater than it may appear outwardly. In Control, the interactivity mechanics may look like those highlights in metroidvania games, as players get a lot of opportunity to investigate and they regularly need to backtrack to recently visited area and utilize new capacities to arrive at beforehand distant spots.

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