Counter-Strike Global Offensive Grenades Complete Guide

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Numerous new CS:GO players will in general spotlight on acing weapons as opposed to supporting things. While getting weapons and the most ideal occasions to buy them is absolutely significant, building up a thankfulness for when and where to utilize projectiles can hugy affect a round, conceivably driving your group to triumph.

While dealing with your economy, you’ll have to comprehend when to match an explosive with a SMG – over simply purchasing an ambush rifle – or when to depend on projectiles and guns as it were. This guide will cover each explosive in CS:GO, sketching out the circumstances where they are generally valuable, and clarifying how you can benefit as much as possible from them.

Prior to hopping into a Competitive game, you’ll need to reassign the hotkeys for every one of your projectiles, to make them simpler to arrive at when you’re playing. You can presently cycle between the projectiles by squeezing ‘4’, until you arrive at the right one, anyway this is pointlessly tedious and hazardous.

Attempt to limit the time that you don’t have a weapon close by reassigning the Flashbang, Smoke and High Explosive Grenades (in any event) to keys you can without much of a stretch reach. Recollect that you can likewise set aside cash via looking for unused projectiles in case you’re as yet alive toward the finish of a round. Basically run over unused projectiles to prepare them for use in the resulting round.


  • PRICE: $200
  • USE: Disorientate enemies

One of the most noticeably terrible sentiments in CS:GO is being flashed while never observing the Flashbang, so that when your vision has returned, you live sufficiently long to recognize the individual who’s going to kill you – awesome.

When a Flashbang has been tossed it makes some set memories before it explodes, blinding and stunning all players who figured out how to get an unmistakable sight of it. Remember that the Flashbang influences both the player who tossed it and your colleagues. In contrast to different projectiles, every player can hold two Flashbangs at once.

The enduring impacts of the Flashbang rely upon the fact that you were so near it when it exploded. Being directly by the Flashbang can cause blinding impacts for just about five entire seconds (counting absolute visual deficiency for right around two seconds). In the event that you are far away, nonetheless, at that point the blinding impacts will last not exactly a second.

Flashbangs are critical to both assaulting and protecting bombsites, as their effect powers players to respond to it. Regardless of whether it’s dismissing for a brief moment to abstain from being blinded, or moving ceaselessly from a territory totally, Flashbangs are critical to bringing down the foe group.

At the most essential level, it’s straightforward when and where you should throw Flashbangs based off the situation of the adversary group. On the off chance that you are on T-side and you have to get through to a bombsite, tossing a Flashbang into the site before surging in is a decent method to shield yourself from any approaching projectiles.

Smoke Grenade

  • PRICE: $300
  • USE: Temporarily obscure an area from view, extinguish fire from Molotov/Incendiary Grenade

Smoke Grenades are one of the more prominent explosives utilized in CS:GO, because of the amount of an effect they have in each round.

Deliberately set smokes on CT-side can prevent Ts from needing to push onto a bombsite, driving them to turn to another piece of the guide. On the other hand, using T-side smokes can separate a bombsite, reducing the quantity of edges Ts should clear as they enter a site, along these lines making it significantly simpler to dominate.

There are various smokes that can be learned on each guide, so attempt to ace a couple for each bombsite and Mid on each side before jumping into a Competitive match. Smoke Grenades are most helpful when a few are utilized together, so urge your group to utilize them with you for the best outcomes.

After landing, Smoke Grenades most recent eighteen seconds, making an obscure dark divider that can be utilized to close off doorways and parts of a bombsite. While players can even now stroll through the smoke, this isn’t generally suggested as the player’s weapons will be noticeable, jabbing through the smoke, before they’re ready to perceive what’s on its opposite side.

Therefore, this makes you progressively defenseless against getting took out by the adversary group before you get an opportunity to spot them.

High Explosive Grenade

  • PRICE: $300
  • USE: Damage enemies

The High Explosive Grenade (HE Grenade), when tossed, makes a little blast, harming close by adversaries.

So also to the Flashbang, the HE Grenade’s effect shifts relying upon your separation to the blast. Players that end up near the blast will take more harm, while being further away will prompt players taking less harm.

In CS:GO, a sole HE Grenade can’t in a flash murder a player, paying little respect to the fact that they are so near the blast. The most extreme measure of harm a HE Grenade can bargain against an unarmoured rival is ninety-eight, in spite of the fact that this number drops to forty-eight against reinforced adversaries.

You can utilize the HE Grenade in a few different ways on account of its flexibility. Gathering up with a few colleagues to toss your HE Grenades at approaching foes is an extraordinary method to take out the resistance hurrying in packs. Sparing your HE Grenade for 1v1 situations can likewise be helpful, as it tends to be a method for finding your clueless foe napping.

Generally, it’s hard to utilize the HE Grenade mistakenly as you will probably hit anybody on the foe group. Giving you toss the explosive in the region of the other group, and not at your own group, you ought to be fine!


  • PRICE: $400
  • USE: Damage enemies, block access to an area

Flammable explosives are accessible for both the T-side (Molotov) and CT-side (Incendiary projectile) in any case, its unmistakably almost certain that you’ll see the T-side variation, on account of its limited sticker price. At $400, the Molotov Cocktail is a costly utility, yet when you think about how much harm this single thing can do to different players, it’s not astounding that it is so expensive.

Molotovs can be utilized both obnoxiously and protectively as they can be ricocheted off of different surfaces when entering a bombsite, to clear points that are concealed out of view. After the bomb has been planted, Molotovs can likewise be utilized instead of smokes to square section focuses to the bombsite.

In frantic situations where the T-side are worried that the CTs may get an opportunity to defuse, for example, in a 1v1 (or more) situation, Ts may likewise toss a Molotov on the bomb trying to prevent them from defusing the bomb in time.

Before tossing a Molotov, you’ll have to have a smart thought of where you need it to arrive, which implies you’ll require a tolerable comprehension of how explosive directions work in CS:GO. Tossing a Molotov straight forward onto the floor will guarantee that it breaks on sway, making the flares spread around that region. As we referenced before, Molotovs can likewise be bobbed off dividers to travel further before breaking.

Molotov flares most recent seven seconds, with every individual fire yielding eight harm for each second, piling up to a steady forty harm for each second when a player is remaining in the blazes.

In CS:GO, fire likewise has 100% protective layer entrance, implying that on the off chance that you wind up encompassed, you’ll have to move rapidly to abstain from being dispensed with. While Molotovs are certainly amazing, they can be rashly doused utilizing a Smoke Grenade, which will disperse the flares upon sway.

Incendiary Grenade

  • PRICE: $600
  • USE: Damage enemies, block access to an area

So also to Molotovs, Incendiary Grenades are a brilliant method for closing off a territory to stop the foe group pushing through it.

Be that as it may, on CT-side these projectiles cost an extra $200, making them the most costly explosive in the game, costing a fantastic aggregate of $600.

Much like their T partner, Incendiary Grenades bargain the very same measure of harm and last the very same measure of time. They can likewise be bobbed off dividers to arrive at normal outdoors spots. As you’d expect, the fire produced from these gadgets can likewise be immediately stifled by a well-set Smoke Grenade.

One could likewise contend that CTs have a favorable position over Ts with respect to utilizing Incendiary Grenades, as having various players putting continuous Incendiary Grenades on the Bombsites can run down the clock to keep the Ts from planting the bomb.

Therefore, it’s far rarer to see CTs buying Incendiary Grenades because of their significant expense tag. On the off chance that your group are purchasing Incendiary Grenades, its in all probability an erratic technique that has been deliberately arranged ahead of time. Taking into account that you can purchase a Smoke and HE Grenade at a similar cost, this is typically a superior choice for most players.


Decoy Grenade

  • PRICE: $50
  • USE: Mimics player gunfire to distract/trick enemies

Coming in at a measly $50 – one fourth of the expense of the second least expensive projectile accessible – the Decoy Grenade’s sole design is to occupy the foe group.

When tossed, the Decoy Grenade will discharge the sound of the client’s most dominant weapon for fifteen seconds. When the fifteen second time frame is finished, the projectile will detonate causing up to five harm to any individual who happens to remain close to it.

When you have the Decoy Grenade, perhaps the most ideal approaches to utilize it is to trick your adversary into intuition you are tossing a Flash Grenade. While this probably won’t seem like an extraordinary proceed onward paper, the explanation this stunt works is on the grounds that the Flash Grenade and the Flashbang are both physically a similar shape.

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