Craft Legend: Fondness, Followers, Gifts, & More

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In the last post, we shared the creatures manage which covers the primary inquiries, for example, how to manufacture wall, how to utilize the creatures, and so forth. You can peruse the Craft Legend creatures control here. In the present post, we will find out about the supporters – how would you get these devotees, how to raise their affection level, endowments, lease, details, and so forth. How about we begin!

Craft Legend Followers Guide

The absolute first devotee that you get in the Craft Legend game is Ghibli. He can help you in battling enemies. On the off chance that you are inexperienced with him, at that point don’t stress. You should simply open the bag(tap the pack choice on the upper-right half of the game screen) – > then go the trophies area – > there you will discover Ghibli’s trophy. Hold it and drag it to the house’ divider. After it, Ghibli will show up. A similar principle applies to different supporters. Spot the trophies and call them.


Once Ghibli shows up in the house, tap him – > there you will get the choice to remain or pursue. On the off chance that you remain, at that point he will remain at the house. Then again, on the off chance that you tap the pursue catch, at that point he will go with you. Also, at whatever point an adversary shows up, he will attempt to strike him down.

What does it mean to stay at the house? 

In the event that Ghibli gets worn out, you should give him a chance to remain at the house.

Shop, Rent, Gifts

Shop – You can sell or purchase the things from these adherents or characters(Summoned by you utilizing the trophies). Cooperate with the character(tap to interface) – > purchase or sell. You can purchase valuable things in return for silver coins or sell pointless things for the silver coins.

Rent – The adherents who remain at the house pay the day by day lease to you. The lease sum relies upon the affection/comfort level. The higher the solace level, the higher the measure of lease.

Gifts – Along with the every day lease, adherents in Craft Legend game once in a while give an unconditional present. The blessing incorporates essential, uncommon, high-grade items(random). The odds of getting a blessing or high-grade blessing are likewise dictated by the adherents’ affection level. The higher the affection level, the more odds of getting an uncommon thing.

How To Get Followers In Craft Legend Game?

  • Complete the First Blood! accomplishment. Spot that trophy in the house with the goal that new devotee can go along with you in fight
  • Eliza Bloodmire – Venna’s shop(Interact with Mercurio to get to Venna’s shop – it’s abnormal)
  • Penguin Fighter – From Penguin Eggs
  • Solon Dandellion – Level 6+
  • Bevym Scaleheart – Complete the mythical beast circles mission line
  • From Mercurio’s shop – purchase trophies and spot
  • Trade from the roulette shop
  • Aran Starstorm’s shop
  • Close to the experience searcher underneath the wilderness biome.


Followers’ Stats – How To Raise?

You need quintessence to expand the details of the supporters. Also, it’s imperative to raise the details on the off chance that you need to vanquish the abnormal state foes in the endeavor mode. You can likewise prepare the apparatuses to the devotees so as to raise the details, for example, guard, HP, and so on. You can assemble substance from the underground regions. To utilize it, tap the supporter – > tap the + catch beside the quality.

Craft Legend Follower Fondness Level

In one of the Craft Legend missions, you should raise the affection level of the supporters. Presently, on the off chance that you have quite recently begun making this showing, it probably won’t be simple for you to see how this functions. What is affection level and how would you raise it? Indeed, even the game does not clarify everything. In this part, we will help you by clarifying everything.

To start with, the affection level of a devotee is the house solace level. On the off chance that you increment the solace level, the affection level of an adherent will increment consequently. Presently, how would you increment your solace level?

Go near a trophy – > tap the message symbol gliding over it > solace level – > utilize the route keys to check how much score is required to achieve the following level. To build the solace score, create the structures, for example, lightning, instrument, furniture, traps, and then some. Note – Not every one of the things award solace score. Tap the thing before you specialty to check its solace score. You can create these things utilizing the worktable/blacksmith’s iron.



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