CrossfireX – Tips & Tricks, Complete Guide

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Aficionados of aggressive FPS games may have known about Crossfire, however never thought of it as a major player in the market. Any semblance of Counter Strike and Call of Duty overwhelm in the West, however in Asia – particularly China – Crossfire has been gigantic for quite a long time.

Indeed, even now, Crossfire looks and feels very dated. There’s an absolutely remastered HD form which has experienced a few beta stages over in Asia, however we’ll likely not see it for some time in the West. In view of this, the as of late reported CrossfireX will energize news for FPS fans who’ve for the longest time been itching to perceive what makes this arrangement so mainstream abroad.

Underneath we’ve gathered together all that you have to think about CrossfireX, including how it’ll play, its potential discharge date, console and mouse similarity, and that’s just the beginning. As additional information shows up, we’ll update this page further – stay tuned!

CrossfireX: Everything we know so far

Here’s everything the data we have on CrossfireX. As we find out additional, we’ll update each area – stay tuned!

What is CrossfireX?

CrossfireX is an allowed to-play first-individual shooter for Xbox One. It’s like Counter Strike, as it pits two groups against each other (Global Risk and Black List), time to kill is exceptionally low, and it’s to a great extent expertise based – point is staggeringly significant.

The first Crossfire has amassed more than 650 million enrolled players since its dispatch in 2007, which makes it one of the greatest PC games on the planet. It’s not colossal around here in the West, however over in Asia it’s completely huge.

Crossfire hasn’t changed since its dispatch more than ten years back, so obviously, it looks and feels unbelievably dated. Nonetheless, there’s an absolutely remastered CrossfireHD form right now accessible for pre-enlistment over in China. We envision it’ll discharge here eventually, however it could take some time.


Will CrossfireX be playable on PC?

Up until this point, there has been no word on whether CrossfireX will be playable on PC. There’s a minute in its underlying declaration trailer at XO19 where one of the designers is utilizing console and mouse, which proposes this control technique is upheld.

As we’ve referenced over, the absolutely remastered CrossfireHD is presently entering a pre-enlistment stage over in China. It’s a finished update of the first game yet it holds the exemplary Crossfire feel which has expedited its a huge number of players board. We envision they’ll dispatch this adaptation of the game all inclusive for PC, however keep CrossfireX discrete and restrictive to Xbox One.

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