Destiny 2: Black Armory Mysterious Datapad quest guide

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Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest

On the off chance that you’ve completed – or gotten sensibly far in – the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest, you’ve likewise gotten the Destiny 2 Mysterious Datapad. The datapad is the key thing for a different mission, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t get you a powerful railgun, its prize is very cool, and it’s well worth doing. Somehow or another, it’s additionally more muddled than the journey for Izanagi’s Burden, so we’ve assembled a bit by bit manual for assist you with splitting it.

How to solve the Mysterious Datapad riddle 

The Mysterious Datapad accompanies a conundrum which will carry you to Niobe Labs. This territory is situated in the southernmost spans of the EDZ, so set down at the Outskirts and head south past the Sojourner’s Camp over a messed up connect. Be that as it may, before you go to the labs, ensure you have the accompanying Black Armory weapons: the Hammerhead automatic rifle, Spiteful Fang bow, and the Tatara Gaze marksman rifle. You can get these weapons by opening the initial three Forges, and you’ll require every one of the three to shoot the images discovered inside Niobe Labs. You’ll additionally require Izanagi’s Burden or, bombing that, a companion who has it.

When you advance toward the core of Niobe Labs, search for a switch under the focal stage. This will initiate the crucial Souvenir, wherein you’ll have to shoot seven images organized appropriately with the right weapons.

Weapons Order

  • Shoot paper with bow
  • Fire stormcloud with assault rifle
  • Fire sanctuary with expert rifleman rifle
  • Shoot dawn with bow
  • Fire star with assault rifle
  • Fire hand with assault rifle
  • Shoot Black Armory image with expert rifleman rifle

At the point when you finish the image succession, influxes of Taken adversaries will begin generating, incorporating Taken Knights furnished with dynamic shields which must be harmed by Izanagi’s Burden. Typical weapons can harm them once their shields are down, and on the off chance that you give them an opportunity to regen they’ll just recover Black Armory ramble shields, yet you will require Izanagi’s Burden to slaughter them.

How to get Forge Essence

Get out the Taken and you’ll move onto the following stage, which requires Forge Essence. To get this, you’ll have to finish the Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia Forges while wearing a full arrangement of Black Armory defensive layer and three Black Armory weapons. You as of now have the weapons, so no concerns there, and in case you’re feeling the loss of some covering, get some Forge Polymers from Ada-1 for six Black Armory Schematics and 10 Legendary Shards each. These assurance reinforcement drops on fruitful Forge consummations and will accelerate your covering grind extensively – however you’ll despite everything be helpless before RNG.

When you’re appropriately equipped, pound out every one of the four Forges to acquire the Obsidian Dreams symbol and one Obsidian Accelerator. You can exchange this with Ada-1 for Obsidian Radiance which can be utilized to alter your Black Armory weapons and marginally buff the harm they bargain in the Forges. You can likewise acquire extra Obsidian Radiance by finishing more Forges, however they won’t have a similar embellishment as the principal Accelerator – which I won’t ruin, since it’s truly cool.

How to get the Fishhook, Butterfly, and Hand Keys 

The initial phase right now to acquire four keys and open the container. Each key compares to a Forge, and to get them, you’ll have to clear that Forge with the Maximum Temper buff dynamic. To trigger this buff, you need to wreck two Black Armory rambles which bring forth toward the beginning of wave two of the Forge. The Black Armory key requires some extra legwork, so for the time being here’s the manner by which to get the Fishhook, Butterfly, and Hand Keys. Note that Forges are presently gotten to by means of a turning playlist, so you’ll just approach one Forge every day.

Baffling Box Fishhook Key: Fire up the Volundr Forge, total wave one, at that point head to one side, seaside side of the field. Bring an expert marksman rifle. Toward the beginning of wave two, the main automaton will generate skimming over the verdant mountain off the coast, and the other will be drifting in the cavern to the most distant right of the field around certain stalactites. You can see them two from the expense, so kill them – and do it rapidly, as they will despawn – to trigger Maximum Temper, at that point finish the Forge as typical. A reward Black Armory carton containing the Fishhook Key will bring forth close to the Forge center.


How to get the Black Armory Key and open the Mysterious Box 

The Black Armory Key is additionally attached to a Forge, however you must do some pounding first. Start by visiting Ada-1 in the Tower. She’ll give you the Black Armory Key Mold and instruct you to execute Watchers in the underbelly of the Leviathan attack. This should be possible totally solo, and it’s significantly less complex than it sounds.

The most effective method to cultivate Watcher Lenses: Load into the Leviathan and drop down to the stage under the extension you bring forth on. Head to the control room toward the finish of this stage and you’ll discover six switches. These switches will open the route to the Leviathan’s underbelly when pulled in the accompanying request: 1 5 3 2 4 6, with the switches numbered 1 to 6 from left to right. Put on high Mobility covering on the off chance that you can’t get the switches to actuate – you’re likely simply moving too gradually – and slide into the switches to give yourself a speed support.

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