Destiny 2: How to Complete Scour the Rust (Iron Banner Quest)

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Iron Banner is back in Destiny 2, and it’s because of run for seven days finishing on November twelfth. This implies Lord Saladin’s back with some succulent protection and weapon rewards for the individuals who relish PVP battle and substantiate themselves in the Iron Banner Control playlist.

Be that as it may, this time there’s a major change to how you’ll gain Iron Banner prizes. Rather than submitting your Iron Banner tokens and airing out Engrams in the expectations you’ll in the long run gain each protective layer piece, you’ll first need to finish the Scour the Rust journey.

This mission is grabbed from Lord Saladin on the Tower, and he’ll likewise offer various bounties to go with it. As you play matches, you’ll acquire Iron Banner Tokens and progress these bounties, yet you can’t submit tokens for remunerations until you complete the Scour the Rust journey steps.

With this confinement, the main Iron Banner prizes you’ll get will originate from irregular drops in the wake of playing matches.

It’s additionally significant that Scour the Rust isn’t account wide, which means you have to complete it on the entirety of your characters on the off chance that you need to get each defensive layer set.

How to Complete The “Scour the Rust” Iron Banner Quest Steps

A large number of these journey steps aren’t entirely extreme. It’s to a greater extent a crush than anything, which’ll require a lot of matches and the utilization of explicit weapons.


  • Annihilation 30 adversaries
  • Catch 10 zones
  • Get 3 Super last blows


  • Complete 6 matches
  • Catch 20 zones
  • Get 25 heartbeat rifle last blows


  • Get 20 combination rifle last blows
  • Catch 30 zones
  • Annihilation 100 adversaries



  • Get 15 SMG last blows
  • Get 15 Super last blows
  • Catch 40 zones


  • Catch 50 zones
  • Complete 15 matches
  • Get 10 Super last blows (auto-finished because of bug!)

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